• The Potter Timeline

    What if Harry never met Ron on the Hogwarts Express? An series of episodes exploring what Harry's life at Hogwarts might have turned out to be if his first and only best friend was a certain, bushy-haired bookworm. Based around a mixture of the books and movies.

  • Finality

    After the events of Fulfillment, Harry and Hermione vanished without a trace. Four years later, Ron is still grieving and trying to move on. But the surprising reappearance of an old foe puts Ron and the entire Hogwarts school in danger while their enemy searches the grounds for an artifact that will grant them final victory. Until, that is, some mysterious strangers intervene...

  • Fulfillment

    Harry finds himself in a dilemma after the events of Foresight, struggling to find some new purpose in life while the pressure to move forward in his relationship with Hermione intensifies. After much soul searching, an old acquaintance reveals a possible solution that could affect the young couple's future in unexpected ways...

  • Foresight

    During their quest for the horcruxes, Harry is confounded by a feeling of loss in his soul due to a sudden change in Hermione's behavior, affecting him more than he would have realized. The story picks up shortly thereafter...