• Anne Blythe is attacked

    Anne is wondering back from a walk to Gilbert and baby Jem when a strange man asks her for directions. When things take a turn for the worst as he attacks her, she is on the outside of Four Winds. Will anyone come in time to save her or will she be left to die?

  • The Order reads Harry Potter

    Sirius, unhappy with the backseat he has held in his godsons life so far, is delighted when a book about his godsons first year at Hogwarts appears. He and the rest of the Order to gather to read it but concerns begin rising the further they get into the book and considering the looks on the Golden Trios faces throughout, there seemed to be something much deeper at play here.

  • Feysand: The First Heir

    This follows the journey Feyre and the Night court after the war with Hybern. How will a Night court pregnancy shake things up?

  • Finally getting the life he wanted

    After Voldemort's defeat, things in Harry's life are looking up. His Godfather is fighting for custody and he is growing closer in a more intimate way to his best friend Hermione. However, some people seem to believe that preventing these things is in his best interest and the light side is starting to split. Will Harry and his friends finally get the happy ending they deserve?

  • Rebuilding their lives

    Only weeks after the war has ended Harry is alone at Grimmauld Place, struggling to find his use in the new world. The war is just over and Britian needs to rebuild itself. Will the Golden trio be able to find their place now Voldemort is gone?