• Harry Potter and the Alternative Reality

    What will happen if Harry is 'kidnapped? Which kind of person will he grow up as? What will the Wizard World react to this 'new' Harry?

  • RWBY Playing DMC5

    The title self-explains the story. Enjoy everyone! Rated T for some in-game swearings.

  • RWBY playing DMC4SE

    Well, the title explains it all. Inspired from 'RWBY Plays: R Modern Warfare' by BlueDemonofFire, and a few more reaction stories.

  • Zero's Mage of Wisdom

    He has no reasons to answer such failure of a summoning spell. But, he won't allow himself to ignore a desperate pleading of the girl being treated harshly by the others. After all, he's not allowed to ignore the wishes of people who need to be saved. (OC contained. Mostly followed the original. Still suck at making titles).

  • Reforming Gensokyo

    Another spring comes in Gensokyo... and an unexpected event happens in Hakurei Shrine. How is the miko going to deal with it? Warning: Crossover AU/OC.

  • The collapse of eternal cycle

    "Knowledge is power" and "With great power comes great responsibility". That's what he believes. And because of it, his life is no matter, as long as they live. SI-OC.

  • Godly Assistant Kuro!

    Following the trend of someone being Negi's assistant. Easy to understand. Except the person already knew what he's dealing with.

  • GATE: When worlds collide REVISED

    Exactly what the title shows. Warning: OP SI-OC.

  • Heart of Gensokyo

    This is a recreation of Gensokyo's Heart. Not much else to say.