• The Poisoned Apple

    [Fairytale Adaptation - AU] The war is several years over, but a new figure is on the rise with a sinister pureblood agenda. Hermione Granger will go toe-to-toe with a new nemesis, discover the danger of gambling with goblins, and there's even an enchanted mirror, a huntsman, and a Prince Not-So-Charming. Written for the SSHG Exchange in 2012. Re-Posted here.
  • The Shadow War

    [Cold war AU. Re-imagines major events in Canon] What if Harry wasn't the Boy Who Lived? What if the Order lost? Hermione Granger is thrown into the middle of a guerilla war, groomed and trained to be pitted against the feared Severus Snape in a deadly game of Spy versus Spy.
  • Pomegranate Seeds

    SSHG AU Hermione goes on an Orpheus like quest to find Snape in the Underworld. She is surprised by two things: one, Snape is not who he once was and two, he does not want to go back.
  • By Any Other Name

    SSHG. A retelling of Beauty and the Beast. Snape, mangled and left barely human by the snake's venom happens by chance to form an ominous connection with Professor Granger through an enchanted rose. Rated M for graphic imagery and sexuality.
  • Hades In Flight

    [Post DH, not epilogue compliant] Hermione has more than she gambled for after tricking Death into releasing its hold on Snape. For one, Severus does not want to be alive, and for another, he does not want to be found.