• Ups and Downs

    Matthew and Annabeth both have their fears. But, what will happen when their stuck facing them in the worst manner possible.
  • The Criminal and the Babysitter

    When a young woman from America is found a criminal in by the British Ministry of Magic, Matthew Merrit is given the task of watching over her. But what he didn't realize was that he'd learn the fine difference between a crime and a desire.
  • The Houself and the Mistress

    The relationship between Lucius and Dobby has been shown. But what about Narcissa? Her story hasn't been told. So, when a late night ends badly for the women, she ends up seeking the comfort for the only one who can give it.
  • Mistakes and Myself

    Percy isn't sure of himself anymore. Especially when it comes to his family. But maybe going to this party will help him after all.
  • Dare Or Dare

    Somehow, its always Snape who ends up in trouble. This time is no different.
  • Night In The Astronomy Tower

    Draco's in the Astronomy Tower. But so is someone else...
  • Tricky Love

    AU. Love is never easy. She'd read that a million times. But, now, Hermione's left wishing it was.
  • Reflection

    Dumbledore, left in his study, has time to think about Grindelwald. Takes place before the Duel.
  • Regret

    As Voldemort sits in the Malfoy Manor, he gains some time to think about everything so far.
  • Artemis's Challenge

    You'd think Greek Gods were supposed to be nice and not put you through terrifying situations. That's not the case for Seliel.
  • A Day Out

    Neville is BWL AU: A little after Harry turns four, James comes up with a small surprise for the family. Get ready for a day of fun with the Potter family.
  • The Unexpected

    Most people think the Confundus Charm is the easiest. Apparently, that's not the case.
  • In The Rain

    Friendship is difficult. There will always be those ups and downs but the important thing is that you overcome them. Just remember that you'll always have them. Arthur sure knows that. It just took a fight to figure it out.
  • Sleepless Harry

    Harry is tired but isn't ready to sleep just yet. Could a certain-redhead change that? One-Shot!
  • A Rough Game

    An accident with Death Eaters leaves Harry hurt. Luckily, a certain Wesley is there for him. With her by his side, he know he'll pull through. One-Shot!