• Wolf and Wings

    In her final year at school, 18 year old Narcissa Black comes to believe she carries her family's Veela heritage. When her fiancé Lucius Malfoy laughs at her claim, she turns to a fellow creature to figure it out. That creature is werewolf Remus Lupin, who is not at all interested - at first. Not a new fic, but the Remcissa excerpts from a longer Jily story "Soulmate Prophecy."

  • Lily Evans's First Prophecy

    After almost 7 years of turning him down, what will it take for Lily Evans to let James Potter love her? Nothing short of magical divination during an unplanned visit to his house during Christmas holidays with Sirius, Remus, and Peter. Jily fluff and slight angst.

  • Four Weddings and a Dragon

    The aftermath of war is complicated and hard for humans, but not so much for dragons. When Charlie Weasley takes a distraught Hermione Granger to visit the recovering Gringott's dragon in the Forbidden Forest, something sparks, and stays lit when other lights fade. HEA. Short.

  • Between Brothers

    As part of his rehabilitation after 1st wizarding war, Lucius Malfoy must raise an enemy's child as his own. This child is Ron Weasley, who grows up as Draco's brother, best friend, and arch rival. There's nothing they won't fight over, whether it's the attention of Hermione Granger or the returning of a Dark Lord.

  • Mismatch Miracle

    Originally posted to Dramione Height Difference Minifest 2020 on ao3. Fluffy 8th year Hogwarts to adulthood Dramione love story about fitting into each other's worlds in spite of mismatches. Hermione always seems to make the first move, but that's because Draco is always already there. One-shot, HEA.

  • Draco Takes a Mark

    "The fact that Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy were mad for each other was the worst kept secret at Hogwarts." Missing Dramione scene from OotP. Thanks to Crookshanks, Draco is allowed to comfort Hermione in the hospital wing when she is brought back cursed from the Department of Mysteries, and ends up receiving far more hope than he gives. Sequel to "Dancing with Draco."

  • Dancing with Draco

    Two chapter Dramione story. Hermione Granger needs a dance tutor before she embarrasses her partner, Viktor Krum, and herself at the Yule Ball. Draco Malfoy needs a good deed to make amends for hexing her teeth. Both of them need to keep everyone else for finding out what's going on with them.

  • Return of the Young Husband

    Dramione one-shot where Draco Malfoy's memory is injured in a magical accident, setting his mind back to age 18, forgetting how he came to be happily married to Hermione Granger. This is the gender-flip of my novel-length fic, "Always Something," where Hermione has memory damage. She may need a novel to figure herself out, but Draco trusts his instincts and get things fixed quick.

  • Slytherin Fairy Godmother

    Hermione Granger-Malfoy dreads going to Lucius Malfoy's latest dinner party. She is exhausted, pregnant and not interested in meeting Draco's childhood ex-fiancee, Astoria Greengrass. The night gets worse until an unlikely fairy godmother brings the Dramione fluff. (Characters from my head canon, as they appear in my longer works "The Oblivious Ones" and "Always Something")

  • Amortentia at Home

    Dramione love story set after their 2nd child is born when Hermione, looking to revitalize her physical relationship with Draco, resorts to brewing herself a love potion. Will he be able to tell, and how is it connected to that potions lesson in their 6th year at Hogwarts? (Characters from my head-canon, as found in my longer works "The Oblivious Ones" and "Always Something".)

  • Always Something

    This is the sequel to diamonddaydream's "The Oblivious Ones", a story of Hermione Granger canceling her Weasley wedding and winding up reunited with her parents and married to Draco Malfoy. Maybe read that story before this one, the story of a magical memory accident which tests the Granger-Malfoy marriage, and upends the lives of their teenaged children, Castora and Pollux.

  • The Oblivious - 1

    In a desperate pre-wedding pitch to treat the post traumatic stress disorder brought on by obliviating her parents' memories, Hermione Granger checks herself in at St. Mungo's Hospital for Magical Maladies. As part of her treatment, she encounters inmates of St. Mungo's forensic criminal psychiatric ward, including Draco Malfoy, who is about to be released back into society.