• Shifting Lines - Book Three

    Book 3 of a long haul Remus chronicles story. Remus's 3rd year has him dealing with taking all the electives, his friends starting to date, and, in addition to the stress of being a werewolf, he's also finally realized something about himself that he is slowly trying to accept. Which just brings on a whole new slew of problems. Don't need to read the others before this.

  • Shifting Lines One Shots

    This is a collection of one shots that are from Shifting Line. Most are scenes we have seen from Remus's POV but told in someone else's POV/have more to them. Some are scenes Remus has no idea about. I suppose you can read these if you have not read Shifting Lines but they may make more sense if you have.

  • Shifting Lines Book Two

    Long haul Remus story. Book 2 Second Year. The Marauders are growing even closer but how are things going to change once they reveal they know his deepest secret? Navigating through the change of becoming a teenager, Remus begins to think he might have another secret, one that is very confusing to figure out for a young wizard in the 70s. Don't need to read the 1st before this

  • Blackened Sky

    Blackened Sky chronicles Sirius's life at Hogwarts (maybe beyond). Making friends, playing pranks, coming to terms with himself, falling in love, and all the drama and joy in between. This will be eventual Wolfstar It is a different POV of "Shifting Lines" You do not need to read SL to read/understand this. Blackened Sky will be contained into one "book" and is a very long haul.

  • Shifting Lines - Siriusly A Side Story

    A Sirius-focused side story of Shifting Lines. Will be going over most the stuff in Shifting Lines though occasionally scenes we won't see in the main story (i.e. Sirius's time at home for holidays, scenes between Sirius & James, etc). Will be covering all of Sirius's time at Hogwarts. Won't be updated very often as this won't be my main focus.

  • A Nice Relaxing Evening

    All Remus wants is a little rest. One shot for the Quidditch League Fanfic Competition Season 8 practice round. Mostly Shifting Lines canon compliant.

  • Shifting Lines Book One

    Long haul Remus Lupin story. Book One covers his First Year at Hogwarts, and all its ups and downs. The world of Shifting Lines will eventually include Wolfstar. Mostly canon with a few exceptions