• The Lion's Scales

    After a dubious decision by the Ministry and Umbridge, Harry Potter gets sorted into Slytherin, and his life takes a terrifying turn. He is devoured by shame and must learn to survive in a house full of his worst enemies, while his loved ones attempt to uncover the truth behind this nonsensical change. Mention of violence, abuse, bullying, explicit content. Set in book 5

  • Departure

    Harry had never thought he would survive. He had never been able to picture a future for himself, and there he was, alive and free. After a few months of painful grief and struggles, Harry suddenly disappeared from the Wizarding world. With the unexpected help of Draco Malfoy, Ron Hermione and Ginny will travel overseas to find Harry. But Harry had changed. A lot

  • Harry Potter's childhood by McGonagall

    The story takes place during the summer between Harry's 14th and 15th birthday, while he was still at his uncle's. During dinner at Grimmault place with the Order, Sirius asked McGonagall about Harry's life with the Dursleys. At the demand of Dumbledore, she indeed visited Harry every year as an animagi, from the day he was taken under their roof to his 10th birthday.