• Second Chances

    When Lily and James Potter wake up from a 10 year coma, it is to a changed world with Voldemort gone, Sirius a traitor, and their loved ones 10 years older. As Harry goes to Hogwarts, Lily and James must be there for their son through school, war, and the ever looming shadow of Voldemort.

  • October 31, 1981

    On October 31, 1981, two young parents lost their lives in defense of their son. This is not the story of Lily and James Potter. This is how their story ends.

  • Always Twins

    Taking down the Hex was one of the hardest things Wanda had ever had to do. She wasn't expecting one long-lost family member to still be there when it was all over.

  • How the Avengers could have Died

    What if more people had died during the fight against Thanos? What if different people had? This is a series of one-shots detailing what happens when near misses don't miss.