bea writes

  • Once and floral

    Lily never imagined that getting attacked by a plant would turn into such significant changes in her life; luckily, Remus was there to help her. (Canon Divergence)

  • Lay all your love on me

    Hermione thought she was just spending some time with her boyfriend laying in the grass, but Fred had other plans for them (Canon Divergence)

  • Fade Into You

    "Til the lights flickered out, we dance with the moon. Then I'd just fade into you" Fred had been at her bedside for almost six months, and nothing has changed. He hoped Hermione would wake up today, but he never imagined what would happen. (Canon Divergence)

  • Writing my story with you

    Theo knew he should have told everything from the start, but just looking at Hermione made him lose all his focus and his plan was created. (Muggle AU)

  • It's time to run

    Lily never imagined what would happen if she got together with James. And after they got together, she never thought what would happen if they weren't... now she knows better (Canon Divergence)

  • Like it's a mirror

    Theo didn't want to look at the mirror, not when he wasn't going to like what he was going to see. His father made so many decisions for him, and in that moment, it was like he still making decisions for him.

  • Like it's our last dance

    "We could take a chance, holdin' nothin' back like it's our last dance" Hermione never thought she was going to be involved with someone like Theodore Nott, but here she was, owning him a life debt. (AU Canon Divergence)

  • Under the neon lights

    "Because of you, we're stuck together for life!" James couldn't help but feel smug over what she said, especially when he remembered how he felt hearing Alice talk about Francis. He could only hope she would see his side of things. (Muggle AU)

  • This night feels like a movie

    Hermione may have lost her voice due to a cold, but this doesn't mean Theo wouldn't be there to try to give her voice—even if it was with a true love kiss. (Muggle AU) (could be read as snippet from 'One I've Been Missing')

  • Living the best life

    Lily Evans knew that the moment she decided to get together with Narcissa Malfoy it would make her live the best life she could have, and she hadn't been wrong since. (AU Canon Divergence) (Could be read as a sequel to 'why can't I kiss you on the dancefloor')

  • The one with the vegas trip

    Bella knew that it had been a bad idea to try to accompany the pack while drinking; they don't get drunk easily and Bella always had been a lightweight. Who knew that a trip to Vegas would be the one that was going to change her life? (Canon Divergence)

  • broken trust

    broken (adjective) 1. having been fractured or damaged and no longer in one piece or in working order. trust (noun) 1. firm belief in the reliability, truth, ability, or strength of someone or something. Sirius would never do anything to broke the trust that James had on him, but can you deny the wishes of your heart? (Canon Divergence)

  • epiphany

    Hermione looked around the room and felt more of an outsider in Theo's life. She thouoght that all they needed was love to make everything works between her and Theo; she can only hope that they can get their happy ending. (Muggle AU Royal AU)

  • It's quiet uptown

    James didn't know how it happened, but there are days that he couldn't bear the quietness around him (Canon Divergence)

  • Let your memory lead you

    Not a day had passed by that Remus did not think about the Potters. Reuniting with Harry while they are at Hogwarts was like a blessing in disguise, and he was going to use it for his benefit. Remus kept something with him all of these years, and it was time to give it back to Harry.

  • The one with the delivery boy

    Hermione stood, staring at the boy who had arrived at her front door. He wasn't whom she had been expecting when she called the grocery store; that person was supposed to be a man in his fifties, not a boy who looked about her age. (Muggle AU)

  • Lifting my love

    Anselmet didn't know how his life could be so complicated when it involved Bill and a lift, but life never was easy when he was around the redhead. Lucky for him, he doesn't need to deal with him alone this time. (Slightly AU)

  • A love that gives me everything

    Hermione knew that she had one last chance before she had to say goodbye to him forever. She couldn't stand the thought of not doing nothing and even with Blaise's crazy plan, Hermione is going to make anything to see if Theo's still love her. (Muggle AU; Royal AU)

  • You are not alone

    Luna didn't think that she could have a nice birthday party, not after losing her mother. It wasn't like people want to be around her, but sometimes, you just need someone by your side to tell you that you aren't alone.

  • Pining away

    Hermione didn't need her son to tell her how she felt about his father; Hermione knew how she felt about Theo. The only thing that she needed to know was how Theo felt about her. (Muggle AU)