• Trial by Fire

    Regulus Black has changed from a blind follower of the Dark Lord, to a revolutionary ready to give his life to see his master's defeat. But someone else has a plan to render that sacrifice unnecessary.
  • Empire

    The Battle of Hogwarts ended in a draw. Harry Potter loses hope of ever winning against Voldemort as the years drag on. Hermione Granger takes it upon herself to come up with a plan. This story is very dark and contains blood, gore, Death Eaters, main character deaths, and a Dark!Hermione. Proceed with caution.
  • Leave

    Hermione confronts Peter about his Dark Mark.
  • The Carpal Tunnel of Love

    Hermione needs a book that Theo has taken. How can she get it back?
  • Sneaky Snake

    Hermione has a trick up her sleeve when she duels Draco.