Lady Sloane

  • The Ordeal of Being Known

    Wasting sickness was a horrible disease, passed from mother to daughter. Hermione searches for a cure, knowing that the disease could strike her at any moment. Prince Viktor grants her access to the royal library. As Hermione gets closer to a cure, the pair become closer and closer. Royalty!AU

  • Through Green-Tinted Lenses

    Draco had always wished that Colin Creevey would look up to him the same way that Colin looked up to Harry Potter. But Colin never had, no matter what Draco did. And now, Colin was dead. It seemed unfathomable that the one person whom Draco had based his entire life around was gone.

  • Shifting Moods

    Nisryn perched on the crag overlooking the valley like a queen upon her throne. He was a human, and that in itself made him untrustworthy; after all, humans and dragons had warred for millennia. But somehow Charlie Weasley managed to break through her walls and become a friend.

  • A Gift

    A Muggle-born is thrown into Azkaban at the height of the Second Wizarding War. She is innocent; her only crime is being a Muggle-born. This is her story.

  • To Grieve and to Remember

    The first picture in the album was their last, taken at the Burrow during the Christmas holidays of Ginny's final year at Hogwarts. It had been years since Harry had died, and Ginny's life was still bound up in her grief. Every day, she looked through her photo album, remembering and trying to hold onto her memories of Harry before they fled her grasp.

  • Even Monsters Were Once Children

    Tom Riddle was always alone and friendless, bullied by most of his peers; revenge was his only goal. He grew up to become Lord Voldemort, the greatest Dark Lord the world had ever seen, and Lord Voldemort finally ensured that Abraxas Malfoy got what he deserved.

  • Artemisia's Worst Nightmare

    The Death Eater occupation of Malfoy Manor, as told from the point of view of a young albino peacock named Artemisia.

  • Self-Confidence

    Tom Riddle and Colin Creevey, both scholarship students attending the prestigious Hogwarts Institute. Confidence is everything. And it makes all the difference. Modern Muggle AU.

  • The Tragedy of Our Love

    Two sets of lovers who fall in love. Two sets of lovers on opposite sides of the war. Two sets of lovers torn apart. Two sets of lovers guided by the same prophecy. AD/GG HP/TMR

  • Not Invisible

    On her eleventh birthday, Lyra Malfoy's world is turned upside down when she discovers that she is a Squib. Her parents banish her to the kitchens to live and work with the house-elves. But then, she meets Luna, a prisoner in Malfoy Manor who shows her that being a Squib is not such a bad thing.

  • The Lost Twin

    Although the loss of Fred during the Battle of Hogwarts hits everyone hard, George is affected the most. How is he supposed to move on in life without his twin? Drabble.

  • A False Assumption

    On that fateful Halloween night, Richard Potter is declared the Boy Who Lived. Growing up together in the Dursley household, Harriet and Richard form bonds so deep that even the lure of fame is unable to break them — even when they discover that Harriet was the one who survived the Killing Curse. Together, they can accomplish anything. Female!Harry. WBWL.

  • Seer Stories

    When Lily's daughter is feeling uncertain about her career choices, Lily shares with her the story of when she decided that she was going to be a Seer.

  • More than a Blood Traitor

    In a world where Voldemort has won, Ron strives to shake off the shackles associated with being a blood traitor. He intends to be a proper pure-blood one day, no matter the cost.

  • The Turnip Tragedy

    During the first wizarding war, Voldemort sent a cursed turnip to Alastor Moody's wife. Five years later, Alastor's paranoia causes him to see turnips everywhere.

  • Descent into Darkness

    After the war, Harry starts to snap. During the day, he hears Voldemort's voice in his head. At night, he dreams of killing and torturing. Has the saviour of the wizarding world gone insane?

  • It's Complicated

    Eighth year. A re-sorting. What could go wrong?

  • Prejudice's Divide

    Ivy Cromwell was raised believing that magic was evil. Now, how is she supposed to live her life, knowing that she herself possesses it?

  • A Friendship Across Boundaries

    When his new neighbour moved in, Dudley Dursley never thought that Cho Chang would become a close friend.

  • Power At Any Cost

    Cornelius Fudge, Minister for Magic, was a powerful man, and one who was wiling to do anything to keep that power.