• Severus Snape in Dragon Ball saga

    It was clear to Severus Snape that his fate was cursed, but never had he thought that after dying he would be reborn in another universe as a child and why did he have a tail behind him. Follow the journey of another child who joins Kakarot on his journey to Earth and escapes the destruction of Planet Vegeta. I own nothing all belongs to Akira Toriyama and respective owners.

  • The Half Blood Prince's Quest For Power

    Follow the journey of our MC as he is transmigrated into a sixteen year old Severus Snape. He makes his way through the Wizarding World fulfiiling his fantasies along the way. Witness his journey as he aspires to be a God among his fellow witches and wizards. A SI fic. I own nothing all belong to JK Rowling.

  • RPM: Get In Gear

    A part of Kevin and Gwen souls are transported from their world to another world due to a mishap with Ghostfreak. Watch them as they join the Power Rangers and help fight the last of the humanity against Venjix virus.

  • The Osmosian And Anodite

    Gwen Tennyson and Kevin Levin find themselves in the DC Universe. Follow them as they find themselves in a world with Gods walking among men, Superheroes wearing capes, Supervillains and Metahumans. Also why does Professor Paradox gives Kevin an Ultimatrix. I own nothing, all belong to their respective owners.

  • The Half Blood Prince's Quest For Power

    Read the journey of our reincarnated researcher as he journeys through the Wizarding World in quest of power fulfilling his fantasies along the way.