Elle Light

  • The Land of Fire and Ice

    Set during The Kindness of Strangers. Merlin does things differently, starting with deciding to face Morgana and becoming more involved with helping the people like him. He knows he has to find a solution, but choosing one side, he might endanger this other.

  • Thorns

    He felt numb. He wanted to feel something…anything, but at the same time he was afraid that it wouldn't be able to deal with his own emotions. He took a glance at the Death Eaters. He knew he must be quite famous. After all he'd killed Dumbledore, Voldemort's archenemy.

  • Princess' Agents

    The story take place after the frozen lake scene. Chu managed to save herself and Yuwen, but she had to hide. As her memories come back together with the decree, she decided to continue her mother's fight and she would need all the support she could get.

  • Dynasty

    A strange saver appeared in Morgana's life just shortly after she'd been captured by Sarrum. Yet the saver has her own agenda and Morgana find herself in the kingdom of ice, waiting to be married to someone that may break her wings forever. Merlin got caught into a story he'd never expected to be part of. He's forced to make decisions that would shape his own destiny.

  • The Lady of Sympathize Life Sword

    What if after Bai Zihua had killed Little Bone, her soul burst out in thousands of dust like sparkles that were captured by the sword? Her soul blends with the sword and she becomes the spirit of the Sympathize Life Sword. Hua Qiangu is alive even if she is a sword now.. However, she is unable to feel due to the fact that every emotion was destroyed once with her soul.

  • Beautiful ghosts

    When a chapter ends a new one begins. Arthur's death caused a lot of pain, but life goes on while memories will live forever. The story goes from the end of the series. Just a tiny, tiny adaptation: Morgana isn't completely gone. She got stubbed with the Excalibur and she kind of died, but..you better read the story.

  • The night without the moon

    After Man-wol crosses the bridge, Chan-sung is very lonely, but life goes on.

  • Between the lines

    Two worlds. Two cultures. Two different characters. He would give up a friend for power. She would give up power for a friend. He dreames about the future. She dreams about the past. He's Lord Voldemort. She's the Demon God. None of them fitted in with others. Will he teach her to hope for the future? Could she teach him to be grateful for what he had?

  • A little fall of rain

    Merlin managed to save Arthur's life at Camlann, but there is a price he had to pay. The king will also lose a dear friend that day. Merlin and Morgana met on the battlefield, but the end turns to be a new beginning.

  • Ashes of the past

    Severus Snape found himself in the Forbidden Forest, but he"d forgot everything that happened lately. There he met someone that challenged everything he believed in, offering everything, and asking for things never belonged to her. He was starting a new life, but how it will be depends on his choices. The story takes place after Severus was killed, during the Battle of Hogwarts.

  • When you stop believing

    Nothing is set in stone. Meeting the right or the wrong person can definitely change your life and sometimes the course of history. Merope Gaunt learns that while wandering on the streets on the cold December night on the last day of the year 1926. I don't like the theory of the love potion caused T. Riddle to be unable to care. I'd rather blame the context for what he became.

  • The little pink stranger

    Draco didn't like the coming party, but he still had to go. At least he thought so because he ended somewhere else without a way to go back. During his journey, he found a lot of things he'd never paid attention to. Nothing serious. Just a little, childish story I've written during a vacation and I wanted to share it with you. BTW, Draco should be 15 or 16.