• An Autumn Date

    Literally something that just popped into my head on a autumn evening. Hermione deserves someone wonderful -always has - and what if her friends thought so too...?

  • We're Getting Through This

    Sequel to We Will Get Through This. Fifth year looms as Harry struggles with faith in himself and others as secrets come out. His friendships are keeping him upright but with evil intentions from the press and Ministry, can Harry and gang make it through in one piece?

  • Proud? They'll be furious!

    Hermione is smart, she takes notice of things. Surely she would have taken notice of the DUrselys treatments. So far its only a one shot but might turn into more.

  • Casino Night Ending Rewritten

    One-shot. Jim finally owned up to his feelings and did something he's been wanting to do for years, will Pam also follow her heart or let history dictate her future?

  • We will get through this

    GOF - Harry and Daphne have a tentative friendship, when he feels the walls closing in she's the one to bring him the space he needs. Together they survive the tournament, a scathing reporter and their peers.

  • Sounds like a plan

    During GOF Harry finds himself taking a break from all the hate that is being spewed at him, while outside he enters a conversation that helps bring him some inner peace.