demigod ravenclaw

  • Sprinting

    Harry was used to people knowing who he was- he wasn't used to knowing them too. I DON'T OWN THIS SERIES!
  • The Dursley Dilemma

    The Dursley's have a problem: they keep running into witches and wizards while doing perfectly normal activities! If you want a chapter dedicated to you, leave a review with the criteria included in the A/N at the end of Chapter 1.
  • The Muggleborn Sentiment

    Muggleborn/Raised students casually drop references that literally confuses everyone else. Probably doesn't follow the original timeline. I OWN NOTHING EXCEPT OC's and PLOT!
  • Rewind

    After Voldemorts death, the trio find themselves in the past. In 1977. Now, they have to keep the marauders from finding out and get back to their own time. Not to mention, Hermione and Ron have to pass as teachers. Oh no, not again!
  • The Heir of Ravenclaw

    What if Helena wasn't Rowena Ravenclaw's only child? What if she had a son? Meet Dade Ravenclaw.
  • The-Girl-Who-Lived

    Unbeknownst to the Marauders and Lily, in but a years time, people all over England would be meeting in secret, saying softly 'To Chrysanthemum Potter- The-Girl-Who-Lived.' Female! Harry AU
  • A Miracle

    "It'll be a miracle if we all get out of this alive!"- Molly Weasley. A list of the saddest deaths in Harry Potter, from saddest to eh, a bit sad.
  • My Cousin and I

    Lola Lize and Maggie Raven had absolutely nothing to do with each other...until they both go to Hogwarts and find out a secret that will shake the foundation of their lives. Co-written by liala lize.
  • Rewind!

    When Harry is thrust to 1941 days after the Deathly Hallows ends, he finds himself in a very sticky situation.
  • A very potter stack-of-books

    When Lily finds a stack of books the Weasley-Potter-Malfoy clan have to read them! Hilarity ensues and secrets are revealed.