• The Shaman

    Harry Potter has just finished his sixth year at Hogwarts. However, his two best friends have been murdered by Death Eaters, and after meeting with Daphne, Luna, and Neville, they must recruit an old friend that took the year off to study shamanism in Arizona… they need him to reform Dumbledore’s Army.

  • The Social Worker’s Daughter

    Harry Potter is excited to finally leave Surrey. He befriends a fellow firstie, who happens to be a social worker’s daughter. Harry details his time with the Dursleys to her.

  • Harry Goes to Ilvermorny

    Ten year old Harry Potter escapes the Dursleys, and by sheer dumb luck is found by an American farming family. He returns to Minnesota with them as their foster child, and he and his foster brother both recover invitations to Ilvermorny…

  • Clever Clogs

    This picks up from where Bookworms left off. Our friend Kellen is trying to coordinate something with Hermione, Harry, and Ron so they can all meet up in Diagon Alley before term starts.

  • Bookworms

    September 1st 1991. Hermione Granger is leaving for Hogwarts as a first year student. While on the train, she hopes to meet some children who can overlook her studious and slightly bossy nature. She comes across a compartment with a boy reading a science fiction novel. Intrigued, she starts a conversation with him and she soon finds they have similar interests.

  • You Think You Know Someone

    February 2014. Harry and Ron decide to unwind after a long day’s work. Harry suggests taking in movie at the Muggle movie theater, as his cousin Dudley recommended the Wolf of Wall Street. Harry and Ron are stunned to discover one of the leading cast members isn’t really a Muggle at all… Quick one-off piece.

  • Harry and Lilah

    7 year old Harry Potter detests his life with the Dursleys. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon concoct a plan to have Harry taken away by the state, by painting him as an incorrigible child. Harry gets taken away by a social worker, but he tells her things are not as they seem. She invites him to her home, where he meets their little girl about his age named Lilah - his first friend.

  • A Very Lutefisk Christmas

    An exchange student from Ilvermorny invites Harry and Hermione to the family farm to experience a traditional Scandinavian Christmas. It's a very gentle story where kids just get to be kids for once. Short, two-part piece.

  • Bookworms

    September 1st 1991. Hermione Granger is leaving for Hogwarts as a first year student. She not only hopes to find companionship, but a friend who's cultivated and intelligent like herself. She is in for a pleasant surprise when she finds a boy by himself reading a science fiction novel.

  • A Connecticut Yankee in Dumbledore's Court

    Harry Potter is ready to start his wizarding adventure. When he takes his seat on the Hogwarts Express, he meets two fellow wizarding students - the redheaded Ron Weasley, and the brainy Randolph Ingersoll. Randolph is from Connecticut, but could not attend Ilvermorny due to his special needs, so he instead is sent across the pond to Hogwarts who has the capacity to train him.

  • Tallulah

    Draco Malfoy has returned to Hogwarts for his second Start of Term feast. Disappointed with how the Sorting Ceremony has gone so far, a blonde girl suddenly catches his eye as she is summoned forth to have the Sorting Hat placed on her head. His condescending attitude and disappointment in how the evening has gone suddenly give way to intrigue...

  • Dungeons and Dragons Night at the Weasleys

    The only magic in this one is what's on the Weasley family's tabletop! Harry and Ron have just started high school. Harry is overcome with guilt after he and Ron have incessantly pranked poor Hermione over the years. She has since moved on to a new school, but Harry has found another brainy girl and wants to start things off on the right foot. She has a surprise of her own...

  • Neville the Horned Serpent

    Continuation of A New Start For Neville. Neville has officially enrolled at Ilvermorny for his second year of magic studies. With the help of his new friends Anastasia and Kellen, he is a solid student with more confidence than he ever had at Hogwarts. Is this the making of an Ilvermorny “Golden Trio”?

  • Harry's American Foster Family

    Ten year old Harry Potter devises an escape plan to leave the Dursley's for good, and by complete happenstance he meets a visiting American family... Harry is intrigued by this family and is hoping to go back home with them to the States where he would be treated as one of their own.

  • A New Start For Neville

    Neville Longbottom is shy and clumsy, but craves dignity and respect. He is getting neither at Hogwarts, so he owls Professor McGonagall for advice. The advice she gives surprises him.

  • Hiding In Plain Sight

    Several years have passed since Hermione had finished Hogwarts. Twenty four and now single, she discovers that her old academic rival from Hogwarts had disappeared from the wizarding world and lives in London disguised as a Muggle. She would like to patch up their rocky relationship and convince him to come back to the world he belongs.

  • I Like You Just The Way You Are

    Kellen Grimseth received an in-person invitation to Ilvermorny on his eleventh birthday. After discovering that he has Asperger Syndrome, the deputy headmistress decides to contact her British counterpart, Professor McGonagall as Hogwarts has a better track record of teaching special-needs students. Can Kellen gain acceptance in Britain?

  • Brothers From Another Mother

    First year Harry Potter boards the Hogwarts Express. To his shock, he finds another young wizard with a similar background of abuse and neglect.

  • Kellen Grimseth: The Wizard of Awkward (A Harry Potter Story)

    Kellen Grimseth is a young wizard from Ilvermorny whose struggles with Asperger Syndrome necessitated a transfer to a school more accommodating to special needs students. Hogwarts was willing to take Kellen, but now he faces cultural barriers in addition to social ones. Will his new British classmates find him an unwanted nuisance, or a treasured friend?

  • Kellen Grimseth: The Wizard of Awkward (A Harry Potter Story)

    Kellen Grimseth is an American wizarding student who could never fit in at Ilvermorny due to Asperger's Syndrome. Following the advice of his headmaster, he transferred to Hogwarts in Britain hoping to wipe the slate clean. Equally awkward and brilliant, all he wants is to be accepted. Will his new British classmates see him as an unwanted nuisance, or a treasured friend?