Miss Mysteria

  • The Ascendant Son

    The date is January 5th, 1996, and the Wizarding World is finally at peace. Arguably, the War effort was shared out amongst British and European magicals, however, if asked, many would say one man changed the tide of the War. One man, who has never shared his story. Until now. *Also on archiveofourown, if you'd prefer*

  • What If

    What if, that night in Godric's Hollow, Sirius Black had trusted his instincts, and apparated away with Harry to a safe place. What if, instead of chasing after Pettigrew, he had taken him to Black Manor, the safest place he knew in the world other than Hogwarts. What if, Harry grew up as a Black instead of a Potter, with all the love and purebloodedness that came with the title.

  • The Glass Orphan

    Sirius Orion Black. A powerful and popular name before it is shrouded in disgust and horror at the news of his treachery of the Potter family. In Azkaban Fortress, a mere three months after his initial arrest on that fateful night in October of 1981, a more determined Sirius Black sits and plots to take back his life, his family name, and most importantly...his godson.


    At Kings Cross, Harry meets someone other than Dumbledore. That someone sends Harry back in time to change things. Can Harry, with his future knowledge and new mentor, change his future for good? Or will this time travel not have the desired effects?

  • THE BOY WHO LIVED (Series)

    The War has been over for eleven years and the Boy-Who-Lived is to return to the Wizarding World once more. Rumours of his power and strength are rising and, just as before within the legacy of another Half-Blood Orphan, the lines between Dark and Light are fading into Grey and the Wizards of Britain must prepare themselves for the unknown force that is Harry James Potter.


    The Battle of Hogwarts is over but Harry can't join in the celebration. Focused on what he has lost, he finds himself with his two best friends beside him as always in the Room of Requirement, contemplating another adventure, but this time, through time. Follow the Golden Trio as they take on lives as wizards in the 70s, try to avoid battles and love triangles with the Marauders.


    Master of Death came with a price. Harry Potter had known that. Had he listened? Nope. Which explained why he was now stood face-to-face with the nine-foot tall eternity known to mortals as 'Death' for the billionth time. And, in the depth's of Hell, Death smiled. For, after many years, its rightful Master was finally calling it.

  • Master of Death

    When Harry Peverell-Potter wakes up in 1976 after a duel, he realises he's either, in the past, or: In a mental hospital. At least the Firewhiskey still tastes the same. Arguing with Lord Black about Butterbeer alcohol content, fighting Death Eaters, being pranked by the Marauders and flirting with the very attractive and intriguing Andromeda Black is just another day in his life.

  • Have You Ever

    Harry Potter and Sirius Black have been in the middle of the war against Lord Voldemort for ten e Final Battle is coming, but what happens when a spell from Voldemort sends them back in time to 1987, where Harry is six years old and Sirius Black is still in Azkaban? Are they able to save the Wizarding World before Voldemort returns, or will it fall to peril once more?


    Albus Dumbledore had gone insane, Harry realised. He had sent both he and Draco Malfoy back in time to 1977 to try and kill Voldemort before it was too late. Draco was right. The old man had finally descended into madness.


    Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are the only apprentices of Albus Dumbledore left and they have been named as Sorcerers, magical descendants of Merlin. What happens when Dumbledore falls ill and decides that the only way to destroy Voldemort is to send Harry and Draco back to when Tom Riddle is rising to power. Will Draco and Harry survive in this time? Or will everything crumble?

  • BACK

    When Harry goes back in time, Lily accidentally falls for him instead of James. Can a panicked Harry get his parents together? Or will his fate become non-existent?


    Harry Potter's life has crashed around him. A few years after defeating Lord Voldemort, he has decided that he can't take all the losses anymore and uses some ancient magic that The Knights of Merlini have provided him with and travels back in time to make things right and save all the people he can.

  • The Boy Who Lived

    Harry Potter is the last member of the infamous Potter line. When he turns 16 Harry will become Lord Potter of Most Noble and Ancient House of Potter,which means that he will also come into a large amount of inheritance. But before this can happen Harry needs to spend 10 years at the Dursley's and 5 in what he call's his real home, Hogwarts. With threats nearer, how will he cope?

  • The Boy Who Lived

    Harry is the last of the infamous Potter family, when he turns sixteen he will then become Lord Potter of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter and will receive his inheritance. But until then Harry has to get through eleven years with the Dursley's AND five years at what he considers his real home Hogwarts which, as it turns out, has threats at every corner. Easy... right?


    Harry Potter's life has come crashing down around him. Can he find his way to the light, or will be stuck inside the darkness forever?


    Harry Potter's life is crashing around him. Can he find a way to the light, or will he be stuck in the darkness forever?

  • The Realm

    Harry about to start his sixth year at Hogwarts and he's just been chosen by The Supremes of The Realm. Sorta strange seeing as he's the only alive member of The Realm. New powers, friendships, relationships and Old enemies.


    Harry Potter is 120 years old and it has been 93 years since he fulfilled the prophecy; but there is nothing left for him to live for. Harry executes a risky scheme that will have him fighting against fate itself. Will the risk be worth it? Or will Harry see his loved ones perish around him once again?

  • TIME

    How will the wizarding world fare when Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter are taksed with saving it? Will it survive? Or will it burn with the ruin of their families?