• This Way to my Heart

    What if Harry talked to Ginny that first summer at the Burrow? Cannon event with different twists.
  • Harry Potter and the Flames of the Pheonix

    Sequel to "A Night With Lily". With Lily's vow to change Harry's life, what repercussions will it have for everyone in Harry's life?
  • The Birth Bond: A Harry and Ginny Story

    When Harry Potter was born a rare Magical phenomenon occurred. The Patronus of a birth soul bond. A year later a second Prophecy was given, this about his bond mate. Eleven days later, she was born. How will this bond affect the events of the Potterverse? And what is Dumbledore hiding and why? Warning: Fluffy in the beginning, action later.
  • Ever Love

    It all started because a certain redheaded mother wanted her redheaded daughter to wear a dress for Christmas Eve. That dress opened a certain pair of green eyes to that she had always hoped for. With a little help along the way, maybe they can survive the coming storm.
  • Striker Fancy

    Muggle AU - He was the star striker on the Varsity football team. She has fancied him from the second she saw him. He has a secret. Can his mother push them in the right direction?
  • Emotions

    Feelings are often hard to put into words. Sometimes it takes getting to know someone before they can express them. In Harry's case, some of it is due to his upbringing, but time spent with a certain redhead could change everything.
  • Past Lessons

    AU- Dobby has found something he must show to Harry Potter! But when Harry and Ginny touch it they end up where they least expect to and meet four very important people.
  • Black Reward

    AU - Sirius Black infiltrates Malfoy Manor to catch a rat, but he finds a surprise along the way...his "supposedly" dead wife!
  • A New Day

    Harry and Ginny have a little chat after the events of CoS
  • The Twins Prank Zeus

    Fred and George regale Harry and Ginny with a secret story involving Zeus himself.
  • The Green Dimension

    Thanks to a cursed object found in the Divination Classroom, Harry is pulled into another dimension. To get back home, he must find the right object. Only problem, he must trust his arch-nemesis, and avoid his best mate.
  • Make You Own Luck

    Concerned about Harry's Potions marks in his fifth year, Sirius sneaks into Hogwarts for a late night meeting with Harry and Ginny. Will the Liquid Luck they find be used for pranks? Or will be to benefit Harry?
  • A Charming Valentine

    After finally getting together over Christmas his fifth year, Harry makes plans for the fast approaching Valentine's Day. Can Harry make it a very special and memorable one for his Ginny?
  • A Worthwhile Exchange

    Gabrielle Delacour comes to Hogwarts in a Student Exchange Program.
  • Memories of Things to Come

    My take on what happened right after the Battle of Hogwarts. How Harry and Ginny reunited and the emotions running through everyone. Mostly Ginny's POV.
  • Christmas Confessions

    What if Sirius had talked to Ginny when she had stormed out of the room when Harry confessed he forgot about her first year? A little one-shot inspired by a song.
  • Simple Things

    A sweet little Christmas Hinny story.
  • A Night With Lily

    A mishap with a Time-Turner leads to discoveries and changes.