• Sirius Black, Investigator of the Supernatural

    Thanks to a checkered past he's desperate to forget, Remus Lupin is in desperate need of a job. Luckily, a job presents itself. Unluckily, this job is at the right hand of famed (well, fame is relative) Investigator of the Supernatural Sirius Black. Detective! AU, Wolfstar

  • Evans vs The Enemy

    "If we're not going to be friends, Lily Evans, then I guess we'll be enemies!" / In which Lily and James find themselves at odds, and Lily has to decide whether or not she's willing to forgive him.

  • Captain Red and the Lost Heir

    Captain Ginny Weasley is known for her bloodthirsty nature throughout the seven seas, and that's the way she likes it. However, when her brother shows up out of nowhere, she's thrown into a quest for the treasure of a lost pirate lord, starting with the capture of his son and heir: Harry James Potter. /Pirate!AU

  • The Trouble With Being a Prefect

    In which Percy Weasley sneaks out of bed, causes a flying accident, and makes a friend. All in the name of justice, of course.

  • Liquid Luck

    Theodore Nott prides himself on being perfectly mediocre. That is, until he receives a P on his Potions exam.

  • Brotherly Wisdom

    In which Albus Severus tries to win over Scorpius Malfoy, and is forced to turn to his last hope for advice: his brother.

  • Finding the Music

    Princess Lily hates playing the piano, until a remark from her tutor's son, James, makes her realize that her music is more important then she'd thought. / Royalty!AU

  • beneath a moonless sky

    "Funny how Sirius is the one in prison, and yet Remus is the one who's stuck in this limbo, this sort of crushing loneliness that he doesn't know if he'll ever escape from." / In which Sirius and Remus try to forget one another and find that they can't.

  • La Chasseresse

    Fleur Delacour, bounty hunter, is going to avenge Bill's death, and there is no place Yaxley can run where she will not find him. Space! AU, TW for character death and light violence.

  • Saving Mr Parkinson

    In which Blaise tries to save Pansy's father from the worst fate of all: marrying Blaise's mother.

  • a toast to the bride

    Ever since that night, Draco had loved her. And now it was too late.

  • there are no strings on me

    In which Draco Malfoy becomes a pawn in someone else's game. TW for death threats

  • If The Shoe Fits

    "Because she wasn't really a different person, no, she was Hermione Granger, and it didn't matter what she was wearing or who she danced with or what others thought of her because she had the same heart, the one that had never steered her wrong." / Cinderella! AU

  • even now, it is all for you

    Draco will not be a follower any longer. TW for character death.

  • This Is Our Last Dance

    Draco Malfoy finally convinces Hermione to have some fun on the last week of eighth-year, and the two find that maybe they don't despise each other as much as they thought.

  • let the darkness claim us

    "There will be a better world for her baby boy, and her only hope is that she helped start it." In which Alice cannot fight off the darkness any longer.

  • Never Stop Fighting

    "I love you, Hermione Granger." Ron looks into his best friend's eyes and puts his forehead to hers. "And whatever comes next, we'll face it together. Just like we always have." / Voldemort Wins! AU / Warning: Character Death

  • It's Been A Long, Long Time

    Sirius and Remus dig up the past, and find that they aren't alone, not really. Not when they have each other.

  • The Wounds She Cannot Heal

    In which Poppy Pomfrey meets Lucius Malfoy again after the war, and learns that there are some things she cannot heal.

  • Dear James Potter

    Choosing Draco Malfoy over her two best friends was the hardest decision Hermione ever had to make. Now, married to him with a daughter of her own, Hermione is struggling to let go of her past. When it's finally time for her daughter Grace to attend Hogwarts, Grace has to overcome her parent's legacy and write her own story, starting with the help of a certain James Sirius Potter.