• All You Need Is Ron

    Inspired by the movie Edge of Tomorrow. Ron Weasley was brought up a Slytherin and so, believes that all Muggleborns are scum. But when Ron gets stuck in a time loop, he will be forced to work together with a certain green-eyed, lightning scarred wizard and his bushy-haired best friend. A story about love, heroism and choices. Mostly canon-compliant. AU
  • Cinderella

    On 31st December 1976, Hogwarts is holding a New Year's Ball for students from various magical schools. On the same night, Severus Snape takes Polyjuice Potion in an effort to win over Lily Evan's affections. A story about friendship, dreams and what it means to be truly in love. A story based on canon and an adaptation of a timeless Muggle fairytale.
  • True Auror: The Cromwell Case

    Follows the format of True Detective. In 1985, three children in the village of Tulington were terrorised by a singing woman in white. Satanic rituals, missing persons and strange circumstances surround the case. Fast forward 34 years and with two former investigations conducted in 1999 and 2009, Harry seeks to solve the one case that has eluded him his entire career.
  • The Pureblood Club

    A kidnapping. A high stakes chase. A magical terror organisation. And the fate of the world. When Auror Hermione Granger gets called in to solve a kidnapping, she realises there's much more to it than meets the eye. AU