• By Chance to Intention

    12 years have passed since the war ended. Hermione Granger is now a divorced mother of a 9-year-old son, working from home as an author. Severus Snape has secluded himself in the muggle world with his 9-year-old daughter. When their children's paths cross, how will they react to their friendship? A chance encounter may end up saving them both in more ways than one.
  • Intertwined Fates

    On the same night that the Dark Lord commands Severus Snape to kill Hermione Granger, Hermione Granger is taken and asked to bring Severus Snape to his death by an unknown witch. How will Dumbledore use this to his advantage this time? *Post OotP, set in HBP, but I'll probably use some ideas from the last two books.