• Fragile Development

    Office Space AU. Regulus is a software developer for Gringotts. Rumors of coming layoffs are making his coworkers paranoid. His girlfriend takes him to a hypnotist who puts him into a relaxed state. He asks out the cute server and starts to focus on his own happiness. Until layoffs at the company spur him and his friends to exact revenge - and things go terribly wrong.

  • Wolfsbane of My Existence

    Remus Lupin, a Ravenclaw student at Hogwarts, is just trying to get through school unnoticed. But his friends Amelia, Edgar, and Pandora notice he has a problem, and they want to help. They recruit a young Slytherin, Regulus Black, who has his own motives. Remus and Regulus help each other learn to accept themselves, and how to trust the people who love them.

  • Fallen Star

    Takes place during the first Voldemort war. Remus returns from a mission expecting a happy reunion with Sirius. He didn't expect this.

  • The Snogging Bet

    Sirius clearly has a crush that he refuses to acknowledge. The marauders make a bet. Remus knows how to resolve this.

  • Eat, You'll Feel Better

    Set during Order of the Phoenix. Remus returns to headquarters from a mission to find Sirius lonely and depressed. He does what Remus Lupin does best, gives him chocolate (and helps him feel better about himself, of course).

  • 7 Tips for Staying Awake in Class

    The Marauders try to stay awake during History of Magic class after a full moon.

  • Rules for Sugar Quills

    Remus Lupin should not be allowed to have sugar quills.

  • I Will Never Forgive You

    Nov. 1, 1981, Remus's POV. RemusSirius.

  • A Lonely September

    Warning: This story contains SLASH, it centers on a mm relationship. This is a songfic based on A Lonely September, by The Plain White T’s. It’s one of my brother’s favorite songs that became a favorite of mine. Recently I was listening to it and

  • The Wand and the Willow

    Rated PG13 for strong language. This is my attempt to explain the incident in which Sirius sent Snape to the willow on a full moon night when they were 16, mentioned in Prisoner of Azkaban.

  • One Happy Memory

    It’s just a sweet little ficlet. It was inspired by a piece of fanart in which Sirius is holding up baby Harry and looking completely shocked and afraid, Remus standing next to him, and James and Lily are laughing in the background.

  • Padfoot's Moonlit Reverie

    Two short poems. The first takes place during the boys’ fifth year at Hogwarts on a full moon night. Sirius’ point of view. The second is when Remus and Sirius meet at the end of Prisoner of Azkaban.