• The Universe Between Us

    Professor Granger is a very busy woman, so busy in fact, that she can hardly believe Headmaster Garth has made it mandatory for all professors to sit-in on any class offered on campus each term. Turns out Astronomy is quite a fascinating subject, except for the small inconvenience that Draco Malfoy is the Professor. Welcome to the first term of the year.

  • The Runaways

    With only a week until the start of term, Professor Granger must help ensure everything is running smoothly. That is until she realizes that exactly two thestrals seem to have disappeared from the grounds! With the help of an old flame, will the professor be able to locate the creatures in time?

  • Making an Observation

    It has been almost 12 years since the Battle of Hogwarts. Since then, Hermione Granger has continued her studies as well as a few apprenticeships. Now she's back in Wizarding London and ready to save it, as usual. Except she's managed to drive Harry Potter to his breaking point. The consequences? She'll need a partner to oversee her newest pet project. We'll soon find that Draco Ma

  • Master of Shadows

    The boy who roamed the halls of Hogwarts castle was forever gone and gutted. The destruction of his soul was sealed when Voldemort took her from him. Now, there was no line Draco wouldn't cross now. The mission was simple, bring Lord Voldemort each part of his fractured soul. There was only one way to find the horcruxes shrouded in darkness, to become the master of shadows himself.