• tea time

    There's a boy at the door, and he claims his name is Tom Riddle.

  • Bits and Blobs

    Collection of Harry Potter one-shots that just wouldn't fit in anywhere.

  • pure gold (that's what you are)

    It was killing him, holding her like that, all while knowing it was all fake, that when the cameras were gone, there would be nothing left. Or, Scorpius and Rose agree that fake-dating is the only way to keep the paparazzi away permanently. Muggle!AU, Popstar!AU

  • You're dating WHO

    A collection of stories all with unusual pairings. So far: DeanPansy HermioneFrank

  • trust me (you'll fly high)

    Oliver notices one of his first-years is struggling with her broom: can he manage to get her to fly? :: Or, Oliver is the sports teacher at Hogwarts

  • beautiful stars burn quickly

    Mother tried to warn them, all three of them, but none of them listened. And now, they're burying Iola.

  • pureblood and proud

    A collection of stories all things Malfoy, Black and all those other families who joined the Dark side.

  • colour the eyes of the world

    Hermione desperately wants to find her soulmate. Oh, and Ginny also desperately wants her to come to the Bulgaria-Egypt Quidditch Cup Final. For Dee (justalittlepositivitea)!

  • a rose by any other word

    A collection of stories all featuring Scorpius/Rose often accompanied by Albus, mostly unrelated to each other. Some will be sweet, others funny and others sad.

  • at last i see the light

    A collection of stories all things Potter, Weasley and all the other families who joined the Light side.

  • (broken photograph) is there still hope

    First, there was Albus. Then, there was Aberforth. Finally, there was her, Ariana. And together they were albusaberforthariana. Or at least, that's how they had been. Now, Mother was dead, and Albus was going to care for Ariana, despite Aberforth's protests. Now, they were just Albus and Aberforth and Ariana.

  • Appreciate Malfoy hair, an easy How-to book

    Rose Weasely is a perfectly content Sixth Year Gryffindor (apart from the cursed existence of Scorpius Malfoy, but that's a side-note). A strange book pops up out of nowhere and suggests some pretty great ideas for annoying the socks off him, but definitely won't make her appreciate his hair. Definitely. CANON COMPLIANT Next gen!

  • Wilting Flowers

    Merope drops one of Morfin's marbles in the empty waterway, and there are consequences. There are always consequences.

  • see you later

    James/Lily - WWII!AU - It had been a perfectly lovely afternoon in May, and Lily didn't want to say goodbye. For Gen (owlwaysandforever)

  • a little bit of fairy dust

    A collection of unrelated one-shots and drabbles, all written for Fantasy February. Princesses, dragons and fairies galore!

  • icy storms (hold my pinky)

    She's the ice queen, and he's a blaze of fire: a story on Blaise and Daphne.

  • lovely and shattered

    Meda and Cissy are home from Hogwarts for two weeks. Bella has managed to make some free time. Sirius and Regulus will be joining them later. It's Yule of 1970 for the Blacks, and in a time of growing uncertainty and doubt, things will either be lovely, or shattered.

  • essay-wrapped gift

    Lavender and Parvati exchange gifts in the deserted Gryffindor dorm, and remember the Yule ball from three years ago. Gift fic for gingerdream!

  • rambling, sweets and umbrellas

    When Colin meets Astoria at Hogsmeade Station under the pouring rain, he figures he can share his umbrella. Everyone lives!AU. Gift fic for Angela (CinderellaAtTheBall)!

  • bright smiles

    Colin doesn't smile any more, but Ginny is determined to get him to do it again. Gift fic for Chalise (Silver Renaissance)!