• The Third Person

    “Malfoy, will you stop pulling my hair and help me with these ancient runes!” “I do want to Granger, but the nest on your head is calling me to play with it” Dear lord, just let them kiss already - Sometime a true love story is better told by the third person [Dramione] [One-shot] Picture credits: Alek.dar on Instagram
  • Tainted Star

    [Dramione AU] They say to fix a broken soul is to give them time and space. But even after 10 years, Hermione Granger is still the shell of what she used to be, but with a little help from Harry, She is on her way to a school Reunion that she might regret later
  • Mother's Eyes

    "You have your mother's eyes". . "Do you know my mommy mister!" . . Sometimes a little visit at Diagon Alley will brings former lovers back together [Dramione] [ONE-SHOT]