• All the oneshots

    A series of oneshots that are mostly cannon. I also might be posting some about other ships I can slightly relate to. So call this the big book of oneshots

  • The Stroke of Blackness

    "Bellatrix Black was no stranger to abuse. Her parents told her that she would become nothing. They said to her that she would be punished for the ill-matter that she brought to the Nobel House of Black. She was a disgrace, is what they told her. It was still piercing her twisted mind. Like a snake twisting its prey, squeezing its prey till the demise."

  • “She’s a she’s a lady, and I am just a line without a hook” Onehshot

    James is drunk, and decides to proffess his love to Lily . Only this time Lily may have relised she has fallen for the toe rag. (Complete may update a chapter depends on how it goes)

  • Regaining faith and trust in the world

    Harry's journey to where he is 19 years later. follow him as he experiences anguish and betrails, also as he experiences family and comfort. will you stick with him after all this time?

  • Sisters eyes one-shot

    Narcissa is in the great hall after the final battle of Hogwarts, and she seems a familiar face...will she be strong enough to talk to her sister, after Bellatrix has died, and Drom had lost her only daughter? or will Narcissa's fear get the better of her as always? One-shot! No ships! AU

  • Holidays with the Weasley's

    As the holidays approach Herminoe and Ginny are put in charge of the holiday celebrations, can they pull off a fantastic party and maintain a funny joke on Ron? Follow me for more story's and please check out my story 'Regaining faith and trust in the world' This is a cannon ship, cheesy, and a holiday special only for people's enjoyment! :)(I do not own any of these characters)