• Harry Potter and the whimsical drabbles

    Herein one or two one-shots, to which I may add more if the mood takes me, which cover the monsters from the id or other such trash which seem like a good idea at 3am when woken by drunks/cats/bladder/toasted cheese lying heavy

  • Who let the Dad out? woof! woof!

    diverges from canon: start OOTP, Harry objects to Sirius being treated like an idiot child, & himself being disrespected. Weasley bashing, but some redemption, Manipulative! Dumbledore, Harmony after rocky start. Harry learns politics Marauder fashion, discovers family magic, breaks curses, has fun and oh, yeah, deals with that prophecy. Some twists from my warped imagination.

  • Calvin does High School

    Calvin is 14 and ready to start high school; and is old enough to declare Hobbes as a mascot. It seems however that Calvin is not the only person who can see Hobbes. I've been talked into extending this. I do not own Calvin but I wish I owned Hobbes

  • The Eagle and the Falcon

    some 6 years have elapsed since Jeremi was elected king in this third book of speculative history in the Korybut Chronicles. And although things look peaceful, Jeremi, Jurko and Gryzelda must guard against the aggression of the Russians, the expansionism of the Ottomans, and the diplomatic rapacity of Mazarin of France.

  • Harry the weapon

    Vernon gets the smarts when accidental magic in response to a bellow breaks the compulsion to be mean to Harry. He is well sore with the magical world which is making a child soldier by grooming Harry, so he decides to turn the weapon back on them by teaching Harry all he needs to survive.

  • The Falcon and The King

    A sequel to 'Ironfist and the Falcon' in which Jeremi Korybut Wisniowiecki is now a candidate for the crown and Jurko and Helena helping him to make a memorable contribution to politics. Jeremi wants reform, Jurko wants a bridge, Helena wants Jurko, and Karol Gustaw Waza wants it all and he wants it now. One of them is going to be disappointed. Military language.

  • Ironfist and the Falcon

    Does not need familiarity with canon: Pre 'With Fire and the Sword', before Helena was scared by Jurko's black rages, and still finds his stories exciting and before she was so cowed, and a chance-heard remark causes her to turn to him for aid. A letter to Jeremi Wisniowiecki sets off a series of events which change history... an alternate history based on what might have been.

  • The Idea

    After Sara settles in with her guardian she can't help worrying about Ermengarde and Lottie and comes up with an idea to help them to be as happy as she is.

  • Sev book 1: Severus Prince and the Marauders

    Severus Snape wants to help his friend Lily Evans, and this means bearding his Prince Grandfather and asking if there is a way to boost Petunia into being magical. Joining the train with the Evans girls, Sev, now adopted 'Prince', makes friends with 4 boys and antagonises a prefect called Malfoy. Runes abound. Rated out of paranoia. No slash. Evans girls as Evans. Book 2 under way

  • And the Basilisk made Three

    Ron makes a bad choice about seeking out Hermione, and Harry, panicking, calls for aid using parseltongue as the tap is right in front of him. He and Hermione make a new friend, and Snape recognises the lack of self-worth of the abused. A Snape-mentor fic with a 60 foot twist. This has four years/chapters, and it's a good place to stop.

  • The Betrothal expanded

    as requested from the drabble. When Pansy Parkinson opts for Ron Weasley as a suitable bridegroom to rescue her from abuse at home, it has a knock-on effect with Harry's life too as Pansy helps him understand his place in society and how to use it within the context of the Triwizard. Rated for mention of abuse.

  • Maskirovka

    The Enterprise is investigating a new Klingon star base reported by merchant shipping. I sometimes have random ideas in the bath and this was one of them.

  • Krait book 14 supplemental: Quiddpolo

    Trancefan suggested this needed to be read before the Quiddpolo game in 'Quiet Year at Prince Peak', just a brief extract from 'New Headmaster of Hogwarts' as I haven't posted that yet.

  • the Santa Curse, or the Great Skyclad Jape

    A Christmas whimsy for the season of good will and other things which do not please Severus Snape. You never thought I'd do a bit of Snape bashing, did you? but the opportunity to prank him at Christmas was too great. No particular universe, probably Harry's 3rd year. Ho! Ho! Ho!

  • the paradigm of normal

    Very whimsical and written tongue-in-cheek. This explores why Vernon and Petunia were so fanatical about being normal, and involves HM Government's magical division

  • Consequences

    Expanded from one of the whimsical drabbles. When Harry reckons that being chosen for the Triwizard has nullified his contract with Hogwarts and expelled him, he strikes a deal with Karkaroff, to Dumbledore's horror. Not to be taken seriously, just enjoy the anarchy and mayhem.

  • The Daisy Chain

    in a burst of accidental magic, Harry uses legilimensy to see pictures of his mother, and wish magic turns him into a little girl who looks like Lily. Vernon dies, and Petunia looks for somewhere to move. In Crawley they meet a little girl who also has accidental magic and with Petunia's knowledge and Dan Granger's cunning, plots are made. Fem! Harry, an experiment for me.

  • Petunia's Atonement

    The Dark Lord won; and it's all thanks to the Dursleys. However Petunia has a second chance to do better by her sister, and to change the future. Oneshot. This didn't go quite the way I had loosely planned but hey, it wrote itself so I'm not complaining. Mostly Marauder Era. Smart!Petunia

  • Kreacher Comforts

    The Dursleys did not take well to being threatened by the Order of the Phoenix after year 5, and Harry has a desperate idea and calls upon Kreature to help him fake his own death and disappear. Rated for implicit violence and dark themes. No Ron bashing, irritating Dumbledore.

  • The effects of abuse

    Harry learned a lot from the Dursleys; how to take care of number one was the major lesson. Distinctly grey! Harry. Combat gardening to be found within. He makes some unexpected friends too, and will you Puffs quit chanting 'Badger! Badger'