• Invitation

    The eighth year, one invitation, one smile. This is the beginning. What will the end be like? POV Draco Malfoy, one-shot

  • Lord of Shadows

    The Ministry of Magic didnt want to hide the return of Lord Voldemort. It wanted to offer him an alliance. An alliance against something that could destroy the wizarding world. The Minister of Magic even went so far as to free Gellert Grindelwald from Nurmengrad. And free many Death Eaters from Azbakan.

  • Severus Snape - New Begining - Chapter 1

    Severus Snape after his 5th year left Hogwart. This is his new begining.

  • Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger - I'll be with her

    A spark between Hermione and Draco could change the balance of power during the second war with Voldemort. Can you prevent more bloodshed by helping to remove a few pieces on both sides of the conflict? WARNING - Smut and mature elements in furthers chapters.

  • Veela Sev

    Severus leaves Hogwarts. Even the veela has the right to choose. Although the price for it can be quite high. - History is the result of a creative block.

  • Unexpected Friendship

    Despite being prejudiced against Muggle-borns for as long as he could remember, it didn't escape his notice that Muggles had a highly developed culture. He himself was a lover of Muggle literature. And it was with the opening of Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen that the evening that changed his life forever began.

  • Soulmate - Hermione Granger and Malfoy - Chapter 1

    A soul mate is not only a loved one. It can also be a friend.

  • Hermione Granger and another Harry Potter

    What would happen if Barty, confunding the Goblet of Fire, to add a representative from the fourth school, didn't know that such a representative really exists? Have you ever wondered what could happen if, instead of Harry James Potter of Hogwarts, another Harry Potter participated in the Triwizard Tournament?

  • Cursed Siblings

    The path from cursing to lifting the curse can be really long and bumpy. Theodore Nott and Hermione Granger are among those who are aware of this. Afflicted by the curse, forced to work on opposite sides of the barricade, they have not forgotten what a family is.

  • Severus Snape - Memory Loss

    Severus Snape receives a news that surprised him. And which makes him think how much else he has forgotten. And why he forgot it.

  • Another chance for happiness - Reunion

    Hermione returns to the wizarding world after five years away. Alone? Not. She has company.

  • Without Title - Draco & Hermione

    This is my first attempt at about 300-word dramione.

  • Unstable energy - Hermione Granger Year One

    New world. Friends and enemies. Magic and dragons. And between these, the girl who tries to fit in without losing herself. See how Hermione's first year of education is going on in one of the best schools of magic in the world.

  • Taken

    Everyone has a secret, right? It is known that nothing is black and white. Will you agree on this? - Morally gray Hermione Granger. It will be romance in this story. More than one.

  • Come&Go

    A journey into the past can change the perspective of the present. This is what happened to Hermione Granger when she was struck right in the arms of the naked young Severus Snape. With no hope of going back to her day, she has learned that not everything is what it seems and that heroes aren't always what they seem.

  • One Soul

    Hermione Granger knew that not everything was as it seemed at first glance. She knew someone from the past could not be held responsible for their future actions. This is why she did not punish young Tom Riddle for what older Lord Voldemort did. Over time, a bond developed between them. However, has it stood the test of time? Possibly Draco/Hermione

  • Time Travel

    Time travel is dangerous. A woman who protects her loved ones is more dangerous.

  • Hermione Granger and Draco Malfoy - Escape from marriage law

    Hermione Granger, faced with the threat of introducing the marriage law, decides to find an ally. Will her idea prove effective? I know, matrimonial law is a well-worn topic. However, I like him. I have already published this chapter once, but I deleted it in the face of insults received in the comments. So ... If you don't like the story with marriage law just don't read it.

  • Hermione Granger - Behind her back

    A little story based on an unexplained misunderstanding and drawing conclusions without evidence.

  • Blood in Blood

    After the attack on the Ministry, Sirius miraculously avoids death. However, one of the students is less fortunate. She needs blood. The problem is that it has a very rare blood type.