• Child of Magic

    For a precious few months, Petunia thought that Harry Potter was normal, after all. Of course, he was anything but. (or: there is a boy on Privet Drive, and magic sings for him.) [au, bamf!harry]

  • A Dream Come True

    Voldemort comes to Hogwarts on the back of Quirrell's head, determined to get the Philosopher's Stone and kill Harry Potter once and for all. Instead, he rediscovers his love for teaching and has a maybe-redemption arc along the way. [voldemort-centric, crack, professor!voldemort, canon divergence, rated T for language]

  • Severus Snape and That Damned Kneazle

    Severus Snape is NOT dating Lily Evans...until he apparently is, and then everything gets a bit complicated. Or: In which there is a custody battle over a kneazle and Severus learns that being in love is less a decision and more a state of being. [no voldemort au, crack, one shot]

  • Leftward

    Sirius falls through the Veil, ready to journey into the Great Beyond. Instead, thanks to his godson's stubbornness, he ends up in the body of a ten-year-old Harry Potter from another universe. He has a...not great time, to say the least. [sirius-centric, time/dimension travel]

  • A True Gryffindor

    During a violent encounter with a fellow Death Eater, Severus Snape receives a very particular form of aid...and ends up with some choice words to say to the Sorting Hat.

  • Draco Malfoy Saves the World

    Draco Malfoy, thirty-three, wakes up a month before he's due to receive his Hogwarts letter, grabs his irrationally ecstatic house elf, and goes Horcrux hunting because he'll be damned if he lets Voldemort ruin his life a second time. [time travel, crack, bamf dobby]

  • Last Will and Testament

    Harry Potter makes a proposal in regards to Grimmauld Place and Draco Malfoy is…surprised, to say the least. [not cursed child compliant]

  • Brother of Mine

    [MDZS] Lan Wangji accidentally finds out that Jin Guangyao and Qin Su are siblings and Jin Guanyao takes a chance and confides in his dear Second Brother's younger sibling. He ends up murdering his father a few years early and learning that Qin Su is not as mild-mannered as he had thought, but on the bright side, Lan Wangji seems to finally tolerate him! [crack]

  • Of Stillness

    [MDZS] Lan Wangji realizes very early on that Wei Wuxian is different today - something so indescribably unlike him that it makes his blood freeze in his veins. There should be two men in the library, and Lan Wangji thinks that there's only one. [wangxian, gusu days, dread]

  • clambered down the gibbet tree

    [MDZS] Lan Sizhui, Lan Jingyi, and Jin Ling decide to ask Wei Wuxian about why everyone used to be so scared of him, which ensues in an eye-opening conversation. Turns out that, before he died, Wei Wuxian was a lot scarier than he lets on. [wangxian, post-canon, hints of horror near the end]

  • To Be Whole

    [MDZS] Lan Xichen wakes up in the Hanshi with Wei Wuxian watching over him. Wei Wuxian claims that Lan Xichen has been cured of illness...but Lan Xichen knows that something is very, very wrong. [hanahaki, xisang, post-canon]

  • No More Ice Cream

    [MDZS] Nie Huaisang has had enough of Meng Yao causing his brother undue discomfort with that voodoo doll of his, so he enlists Lan Huan's help in destroying it. And, well, when your crush asks you to do something, you can't just say 'no', can you? Unfortunately for him, all that's in store is more suffering. And salad. A whole lot of salad. [xisang, modern au]

  • A Bucket of Ash

    Naruto feels hopeless, trapped in the middle of a dying world. Kurama, however, has a plan; if only Kurama had a bit more patience. Now, Naruto is stranded in his childhood, with the Akatsuki hunting him and Sasuke on the verge of abandoning the village and, to top it all off, his mindscape is distinctly Kurama-less. He's screwed. [a naruto time travel au!]