• The Search Is Over, A Kreacher and Regulus Black FanFiction

    There was a very good reason that Regulus Black reacted hard enough to lose his own life when he discovered that Voldemort had nearly killed Kreacher to protect the hiding place of his Horcrux. Discover that reason and much more Voldemort related intrigue here, because Regulus Black didn't die and what doesn't kill us better make us stronger. More trouble is coming and old curses

  • Unlikely Allies

    When Marleen Mckinnon has a strong vision in divinations class, the lives of Regulus Black and James Potter change forever. The two discover common ground that neither ever expected.

  • I Walk Alone

    The story of why Severus Snape chose to become a Death Eater

  • In the Dark, A Blaise Zabini Gellert Grindelwald Dark wizard fic

    We present Blaise Zabini/Gellert Grindelwald. How you ask? Elementary! What if it wasn't Gellert Grindelwald killed by Voldemort in 1997? What would he do with his life with youth restored and love to live for? It contradicts nothing from the books so even remains canon, just giving a glance at parts of the wizarding community unseen by Harry Potter.

  • Rabastan Lestrange, The Life and Times of a Dark Wizard

    Dark wizards are often feared, hated, avoided, and most often misunderstood. People try to fill in the holes of that which they do not know or understand to make it fit their world view, and in the end, it means they still don't understand.- Rabastan Lestrange

  • Oh Christmas Tree

    Blaise Zabini managed to go for eighteen years without displeasing his parents, until, that is, he fell in love on Christmas. Though his parents are very happy for him, some public displays of affection just go to far!

  • Voldi Baby

    We all know that Bellatrix was Lord Voldemort's favorite, and this Christmas, he shows it.

  • Don't Let Me Go

    When Delphini turns the world into a practical wasteland, prowled by Maledictuses and Dementors, the past is the only place Blaise Zabini and his friends have to go. In the nineteen-twenties, they seek aid from the only wizard who can help to stand against her madness, Gellert Grindelwald!

  • Diary Of A Mad Man

    After his release from Azkaban, Rodolphus is having a bit of trouble functioning in the Muggle world in which he is forced to dwell.

  • Bad Romance, A Lestrange fan fiction

    Does anyone truly believe Molly Weasley, for any reason, could really take out Bellatrix Lestrange? Come on, people! The Lestranges are a special breed, and the wizarding government is finally wise enough to use them for what they do best. If you've ever wondered why all three Lestranges were so insane over the dark lord you're going to be surprised.

  • The Heirs of House Black, Pureblood Squared

    I sat before my grandmother Walburga's portrait as I often did when my concerns or fears got me down. She gave me the same words of wisdom that she always did, and as always they made me feel better. "Muggles are scum, Mudbloods and Halfbloods are wizarding trash. Purebloods reign supreme, and you, Child, are Pureblood squared!"

  • The Obscurial

    Dear Muggles, wizards, creatures...whoever is actually reading this, Don't believe everything you see at the movies. Behind every lie is some truth, though. You just have to look for it. I am Atsuko Fuji, and I was Gellert Grindelwald's only Obscurial. I was his weapon against tyranny and the only girl he ever loved. I thought they killed him, he thought they killed me...

  • Were And Wing

    Lupin was given two choices by Dumbledore, and did not take the one you may expect. Instead he finds a mate when opting to work with friends of Severus Snape for the greater good. With a bad to the bone harpy, he forms an army of creatures against Voldemort and makes some fascinating discoveries while at last learning to love who he is along the way.

  • The Death of Sirius Black

    Sirius's death from the perspective of his family's house elf, Kreacher.

  • Christmas Confessions

    Christmas is the time of year when magic is literally in the air. Christmas is the time to say "I love you." Christmas is the time to confess...Or perhaps I just want to spread a little TMI after I've had a bit too much Eggnog, just to annoy my few yet close friends. Merrily, Blaise Zabini

  • All My Dreams Are Nightmares

    A little Halloweeny, a little spooky, a little ghostly...For did you really think Bellatrix Lestrange would rest easy after Molly Weasley killed her?

  • When Knowledge Kills

    Lament of Regulus Black

  • Dead Wizard Society

    Reports of their deaths have been greatly exaggerated...and they're reading fanfiction!

  • Against All Odds

    A few pieces were missing from Kreacher's Tale that kept things from quite adding up. Here are the bits you weren't aware of.

  • When They Don't Come Home

    The worst news to hear is that a beloved family member is gone. When Regulus Black's family is aware of this, it's no less difficult simply because they're Slytherins.