• Completely Mental

    Harry witnesses Ron and Hermione's relationship develop over the years through casual conversations with his best friend. Ron / Harry missing friendship moments featuring conversations about our favorite bushy haired know-it-all. Books 1-7 in the works.

  • An Unwelcome Connection

    AU: When Ron accidentally brings Riddle's locket with him when he leaves the Horcrux Hunt, he starts experiencing unusually terrifying nightmares. But they're just dreams, and they probably don't mean anything.

  • Desperate Measures

    Desperate times call for desperate measures, but sometimes the desperate measure could be as simple as an apology. Based on a tumblr prompt.

  • The Disappearances of Godric's Hollow

    When people start disappearing from the sleepy town of Godric's Hollow, The Marauders — a local crime-fighting bureau — are up to the task. Will the media help or hinder their investigation? [Muggle!AU]

  • Waking Up In Vegas

    Romcom!Romione, Muggle!AU. After a night of debauchery, Ron and Hermione wake up in Vegas... married.

  • Bad Luck Bagman

    A series of stories about Ludo Bagman's misadventures on the run.

  • Safer To Lie

    When she pointed her wand at the back of her parents' heads and erased herself from their minds, it felt like she was erasing someone else, a false version, a caricature of their daughter they'd created over the years. She tried to convince herself it wasn't that much of a lie, because they'd never really known her at all.

  • Alive

    Ron has a run in with snatchers as he leaves the Horcrux Hunt. Written for the IWSC Writing School. Theme: Suspense.

  • Jily Tumblr Prompts

    Jily drabbles inspired by tumblr prompts.

  • 12 Fail-Safe Ways To Charm Hermione Granger

    Ron reflects on his relationship with Hermione, and how he managed to charm her. It wasn't all about wandwork, after all. Rated M for future chapters!

  • Mischief Managed

    Hermione follows rules, and Ron breaks them. They've rubbed off on each other quite a bit. Smut.

  • A Bedtime Story

    Harry and Ginny tell Teddy a bedtime story.

  • Coming Home

    Ron arrives home from a week long Auror trip.

  • Bad Terrier!

    Fred and George play a prank on Ron at a DA meeting. Based on a rather unusual tumblr prompt!

  • Bucket List

    The conversation that led to Ron and Hermione holding hands at Grimmauld Place

  • Exceeds Expectations

    Ron and Hermione try to roleplay, and it is not Outstanding. Inspired by a tumblr post.

  • How I Asked

    Ron unexpectedly shows up at Shell Cottage hoping for some advice.

  • Now or Never

    Ron and Hermione share a moment alone during the battle. *obligatory smut warning*

  • The Spare Room

    "At every party there are two kinds of people—those who want to go home and those who don't. The trouble is, they are usually married to each other." Canon pairings.

  • Laughing

    George grieves Fred after the battle, and finds a moment of connection with Ron.