• Only Mine Till Midnight

    Fred asks Hermione to attend a New Year's Eve party as his date and pretend to be his girlfriend. How will she manage to make it through the evening when she wishes that the fake relationship would be real? Rated M for safety.
  • Merry and Bright

    Hermione's year has been awful. She's not feeling the Christmas spirit. Someone notices how down she's been and in an attempt to bring her joy, they send her a beautiful Advent calendar. Who could have sent it and how could they possibly know all of those personal things about her?
  • Family Magic

    Hermione is finally given a coveted Weasley jumper. Why does she suddenly develop feelings for a certain redhead when she puts it on?
  • The Final Curse

    Six years ago, Voldermort was defeated and the war won. Hermione Granger, now working in the Department of Mysteries, has discovered a curse set upon the wizarding population by Voldermort himself. A new prophecy is made and Hermione once again finds herself responsible for the fate of the wizarding world. How will Hary and Ron react? Can they break the curse in time?