• My Harry

    Harry and Elaine spend a morning together, wherein her possessiveness shows and Harry doesn't mind. Female Voldemort Elaine AU of my story, "The Power of Love"

  • Tales of 'The Power of Love' - Urban Maxis

    Auror McMacson from 'The Power of Love' and his partner, Urban Maxis embark on solving crime after crime. These stories build on the PoL universe.

  • Tracey's Dinner, Harry's Girlfriend

    Harry and Tracey enjoy a meal, dessert, and kisses.

  • The Love of a Lioness

    Harry finds himself sorted into Slytherin, a house that very quickly despises him. Daphne gets sorted into Gryffindor, where she's treated as an outcast thanks to her family past. Together, they can do wonderful things.

  • Saved Another Way

    Harry befriends two Durmstrang girls during the Twi-Wizard Tournament, and with their help, a great many things change.

  • The Power of Love

    After having died at the hands of Voldemort during the Battle at the Ministry, Harry is sent back fifty years in a different universe. He doesn't know why, but he gives himself a reason. This is my first attempt at a story. This includes a female Tom Riddle. Harry will be different than his canon self. You've been warned.

  • Ice Queen and her Mistletoes

    Harry discovers Daphne's dislike for her nickname and her startling affection for Christmas and himself.

  • Daphne the Elf, Harry the Reindeer

    Harry and Daphne have a costume-style Christmas. Fun ensues.

  • Christmas with Delphini

    Harry spends an interesting Christmas with Delphini; Saviour's Pariah what-if scenario.

  • Hot Chocolate on a Beach

    Harry and Daphne spend Christmas on a beach.

  • The Saviour's Pariah

    Harry returned to Hogwarts a day late, having not wanted to return but feeling strangely nostalgic of his days in school. The last thing he'd been expecting was a Slytherin girl to be so interested in him. Why couldn't one year be without incident?

  • Keeper of Crazy

    Harry finds himself troubled by a younger Bellatrix whilst in the past... can he keep her handled, or will she overcome his attempts to tame her?

  • The Cutie'snake

    This is a Guarder Snake reimagining featuring Harry x Clara. I don't know if I'll update this often.

  • Fangs, Fangs, and a Pointy Hat

    Harry spends Halloween with Elaine, and her means of celebrating it are unconventional, to say the least. FemVoldemort.

  • Given a Chance

    Pansy follows Daphne to one of Potter's classes, and then she continues to follow her time and time again. It wasn't just for Potter... she promised.

  • You're Welcome

    Harry and Veronica experience a new type of friendship. FemRon as requested.

  • A Persistent Snake

    Harry doesn't have a date to the Yule Ball, a certain Slytherin girl tries to remedy that.

  • Guarder Snake: An Alternate Ending

    This is what-if scenario for a dawn that never came to be. Harry x Cora x Clara

  • Parfaits

    Harry. Fleur. Tonks. Maybe some Parfaits too. Maybe.

  • Can I hug you?

    Harry helps Lacerta with a debt, and her answer; the title.