• Never Silence A Lion's Roar

    AU Order of the Phoenix. After Umbridge exposes the DA, Dumbledore takes the blame and then evades arrest. Left stranded, Harry has no defence when Fudge decides to put him under arrest as an accomplice to a conspiracy against his office. Locked up in Ministry custody, he is left to wait for his trial. But he has allies.

  • Under The Stars

    The trio becomes a duo when Ron leaves after The Argument. Lost and stranded, Harry and Hermione make do with what little they have. While together behind canvas walls during a very cold winter, the need for warmth, comfort and hope turns their friendship into something more. On the run, desperate, and trying to complete an impossible mission, they look to each other and embark on

  • Harry Potter and the Veritas Quaesitor

    AU story where Harry gets separated from Ron and Hermione after they infiltrate the Ministry to get the locket. Harry is arrested and imprisoned in the Ministry. A shift from the original narrative that focuses on Harry enduring a terrible ordeal so he can rise and be the leader the war needs him to be.