• A Tale of Reparations

    Voldemort is left in limbo - his soul shattered because of the choices he made in life. But this gives Death an opportunity, for what can she do with a soul that cannot die and no longer wants to live? Watch Voldemort go back in time to erase his birth-story, while learning how to feel remorse. lots of OC characters for context and CW's provided by chapter!

  • Taking Responsibility

    Harry Potter was put through entirely too much, so I'm making the adults act like actual adults. Remus is probably one of my favorite characters, but showing up when Harry was 13 was just not it for me. Remus should have shown up for Harry, so this is that story. Rated M just in case, but I'll leave CW for things each chapter.

  • Into the Mind of Harry Potter

    Jannie Lewis is a squib counselor who has been assigned a new client. Harry Potter is the boy-who-lived, who has no idea what to do now that the war is over. Brought together by fate, or really a mandate by Headmistress McGonagall, these two characters explore mental health and what it means to not just survive, but live. Content Warnings by chapter, rated M to be safe

  • Drunk Decisions are the Best Decisions

    Inspired by two lovely people who wrote prompts I liked. AU where Tom is a rich, young CEO and Harry is a middleclass gentleman. After breaking up with his boyfriend Cedric, Harry decided to go have a beer in his favorite bar. Unbeknownst to him, Tom has also decided to visit a bar for the first time. In which Tom tries to flirt and fails spectacularly.