• It's In the Blood

    Harry has discovered that Hermione has made a groundbreaking discovery.

  • A Punisher Christmas

    A typical Christmas day for Frank Castle

  • Near Miss

    Alice sees a vision of death and destruction in the cafeteria. Can she and Edward stop it from happening?

  • Professor Teddy Lupin

    This is a spin-off of my original story entitled Teddy. I wanted a different approach without anger directed towards Harry.

  • The Dolohovs

    What would you do if you woke up after your memory had been Obliviated? What if you weren't what or who everyone thought you were? This story follows the Dolohov daughter Natalya, little sister to death eater Antonin, as she tries to save her brother.


    A short story that tells about what happened to Teddy Lupin, son of Remus and Nymphadora