Chloe Parker 05

  • The Dare

    It was all Ginny's fault. If she hadn't dared Hermione, none of this would ever have happened! Not that all of it was bad, but, well, it was her fault anyway. And Seamus too, who organised the whole thing in the first place. HHr Muggle!AU - with a twist

  • Coffee and Croissants

    Harry is a secret agent for the wizarding sector of MI6. While on an undercover assignment in America, he meets the muggleborn witch Hermione Granger and falls head-over-heels for her. However, she only knows him by his undercover identity. How will she react once the truth is revealed? Will their love survive the test?

  • Dudley's Rose

    One day, Harry comes home to find the phone ringing. It's cousin, Dudley, whom he hasn't seen for 10 years. He need Harry's help with his daughter, Rose, who is magical. Sequel to In Six Summer's Time. I would recommend reading that first. Full summary inside!

  • Luter et Cervus

    Hermione had had her mark for as long as she could remember. As far as she knew, the stag-shaped birthmark had been with her her entire life and, as such, she had never questioned it. That is, until she came across an unusual book in the Hogwarts library during what was considered her eighth year. HMS Harmony MAYhem Prompt Fill - SoulMAYt Marks. Full Summary Inside.

  • Fire and The Flood

    In the summer after 4th year, Harry's alone at the Dursleys, feeling angry at the events of the previous year, when help arrives in the form of a mysterious letter. He isn't seen for six years after that. HHr. Full summary inside.

  • Hæreditatem

    Latin for 'inheritance', meaning: 1 : something that is or may be inherited 2a : the act of inheriting property b : the reception of genetic qualities by transmission from parent to offspring c : the acquisition of a possession, condition, or trait from past generations

  • In Six Summers' Time

    In the summer after Harry's horrendous Fourth Year, he's once again stuck back at his dreaded relatives. His dreams are haunted by the events of the Third Task, he's cut off completely from the Wizarding World, and his friends' letters aren't helping. On the night of his 15th birthday, he disappears, returning stronger and better than ever. Even if he's believed to be dead...

  • Of Bets and Yule Balls

    "You know, you and Harry would be great together." Everyone's been trying to set them up. From Lavender to Ron – everyone at Hogwarts thinks Harry and Hermione would make a great couple. Everyone, it seems, except for Harry and Hermione themselves. But, not all is as it seems, and especially not at Hogwarts. A Sixth Year AU.

  • The Old Cliché

    "Out onto platform 9 stepped a young man. He carried no luggage, beside a leather satchel over his shoulder. He was tall, at just over 6 feet, with dark unruly hair and emerald eyes hidden beneath James Bond type sunglasses. The man's name was Lord Harrison James Black-Potter." Or, the title just describes the fic really well. It's that really cliché one

  • The-Family-Who-Lived

    "Lily, it's him! Take Harry and run!" On Halloween 1981, events went differently, because Voldemort only cast one Killing Curse that night. That, and two ancient spells of unknown origin, that left the two adult Potters in comas for an unknown period of time. Full Summary Inside!

  • Godson

    Modern AU/HHr. With COVID, Harry and Hermione haven't seen the Weasleys for over a year. Now, however, they've come for a visit - with their two-month-old son they haven't told anybody about.

  • A Christmas Miracle

    Something happened the night Harry went to visit his parents' grave. Something that changed the course of history.

  • Princeps Magia

    There are hidden secrets in Wizarding Britain, and when Harry's 16th birthday comes around, he's going to discover who he really is - royalty.