• The Devil Within (Updated Version)

    A simple name change and the flick of a wand can place Satan himself in the midst of angels. Or should I say Satan herself? The Second War will not be fought between He Who Shall Not Be Named and the Boy Who Lived, but rather the Leader of the Light and the Girl He Should Have Killed.

  • Young Royals

    AU: When an ally-turned-enemy murders her father, Rachel's world is turned upside down. Santana's sudden addition to her life comes with its own complications, but their growing relationship is the sole thing keeping Rachel afloat while she struggles to keep her family safe. *This is a repost of another story by another author.* Yes, I have permission. Give it a chance.

  • At The Hands Of Fate

    Hermione and Blaise Zabini are on opposite sides of the War. Technically. When she turns 15, Hermione learns in the worst way possible her soulmate is none other than Narcissa Malfoy. In the midst of it all, Voldemort returns, but a new prophecy changes everything. Full summary inside.