• Choices

    Ron has the ability to see the future and he has the choice to either let it happen or change it for the better. Not Powerful!Ron. Pairings undecided as of the moment. Latest chapter for fifth year now here! Thanks for reading! Will continue until 7th year.
  • I'm A What!

    AU! No Voldemort and Death Eaters. Female!Severus. Waking up as a female isn't something Severus Snape had in mind on one chilly November. THIS STORY IS NOW UP FOR ADOPTION! IF INTERESTED, PLEASE SEND A PM!
  • To Take a Chance: Reading the Deathly Hallows

    AU. In a different reality where the Potters survived and Voldemort was resurrected at a much earlier time, Harry and his two best friends had gotten hold of an object that might give them and the Order the answers to win their war. AU!Harry different from Canon!Harry. Might rate it up to T later. Please R&R. Chapter nine is now up!
  • The Unknown Weasley

    AU. They couldn't afford to raise another child so they had no choice but to leave him in an orphanage in Muggle London. Different!Ron than Canon!Ron because he's not subjected by the 'Weasley Lifestyle'. Temporary Hiatus!
  • Reading Time: Harry Potter book 5

    The Marauders were doing almost nothing when Peter showed up and showed them a certain book that piqued their interest. Lily and other chosen characters will join as well. Similar yet different if you read it. James/Lily but not quite there yet. I'm back!