• An Unexpected Friendship

    A one in a million fluke sends boy wonder, Harry James Potter, careening through time to Tom Riddle's fifth year. Will he be able to see past Tom's future actions? Will he glimpse the boy behind the mask? Will Dumbledore be his usual meddling self? Follow Harry on this journey as he learns the inner workings of Slytherin house and makes friends in the most unexpected of people.

  • The Life of Anastasia Williama

    Killed by the hands of her abusive boyfriend leaving her precious daughter behind, Anastasia Williams is granted an ultimatum, to which she agrees if her daughter is sent with her. Follow the duo as they encounter a world full of vampires, witches and whatnot. What will happen when she encounters a certain blue-eyes Salvatore? Full summary inside.

  • Delilah's Diary

    Delilah stood in the Great Hall victorious as her two best friends joined her in the hall however an urgent call from her younger sister sent her back to her hometown Mystic Falls. Oh did I forget to mention who she is, sorry, my bad, her name is Delilah Gilbert Potter and this is her story. DamonXOC - endgame

  • The Life of Anastasia Williams

    Murdered by the hands of her abusive boyfriend, Anastasia Williams is offered an ultimatum to which she agrees on the condition that her child remains with her. As they get accustomed to the idea of the supernatural, what will happen when she encounters a certain blue-eyed Salvatore? Will sparks go flying or will Anastasia's tragic past prevent her from falling in love?

  • Crazy in Love

    After one too many losses and an uncle hellbent on making her life a living hell, Elena and her Aunt Jenna decide to leave Mystic falls behind. What will happen they enter the famous NYC? Falling in love again was certainly not on Elena's bucket list but fate clearly had other ideas when she catches the attention of one Damon Salvatore.

  • The Adopted Sister

    What if Merlin had a sister that would not only help Merlin with his destiny but also have a destiny of her own? What will happen when she encounters a certain arrogant prince? Will he be able to penetrate through the walls she's encased around her heart? Will she be able to rewrite fate and stop the inevitable or will everything play out as it did despite her intervention?