• Love, Ginny

    Book One: Harry takes Ginny under his wing during the story of Chamber of Secrets. HEADCANON

  • On The Run

    Harry and Ginny are on the run from Lucius Malfoy and his new age of death eaters.

  • Bliss

    Harry and Ginny are determined to be together despite Mrs. Weasley’s newfound resentment towards him.

  • Better Than Firewhiskey

    Harry and Ginny become soul bonded after a frightening experience at the Burrow. **Rated M for mature just to be safe**

  • Better Than Firewhiskey

    Ginny and Harry secretly elope after a near death experience makes them realize they cannot live without each other. Their blissful union quickly becomes disrupted when Harry has a vision of someone murdering his wife, and he tries taking matters into his own hands despite the burden clearly too much for him.

  • The Girl He Never Noticed

    **Hinny fanfic taking place during OotP. Tensions rise at Hogwarts after Harry Potter comes face-to-face with Voldemort, and a new professor sets out to destroy Dumbledore's credibility. Unlikely bonds begin to form between friends, and old flames are reignited. Will Harry and Ginny's relationship finally start its course, or were they truly doomed from the start?