• You Got Me

    Hermione Granger has it all after the Great Wizard War—except, perhaps, the promise of a committed future with her Quidditch star boyfriend. She decides to travel to Ireland during the Quidditch World Cup to propose marriage to him. A glitch in her Portkey sends Hermione careening off her perfectly planned path, and right into the arms of a man she thought was dead.
  • Lovely Lady

    After the war, Hermione Granger fled to Paris with no more than her wand and a rucksack. With a Notice-Me-Not charm firmly in place, she finds friendship with another war refugee, Lavender Brown, as a professional escort on the streets of Paris. Several years pass and Hermione is faced with old comrades from the past — Harry Potter arrives in Paris on an official Ministry trip.
  • Take Your Shot

    Hermione faces the breakdown of her marriage and the start of something else entirely.
  • Of Oranges and Stockings

    Hermione worries that her muggleborn Christmas traditions will always come second to Draco's pureblood Christmas traditions.
  • Quite the Declaration

    Glimpses into Draco and Hermione's evolving, secret relationship.
  • The Favor

    When Molly offers to set Hermione up for Arthur's 60th birthday, Hermione turns to Draco in desperation. Be her fake date to keep meddlesome, but well meaning, Molly off her back. What she doesn't know, however, is that a certain blond has been in love with her for years.
  • Christmas on the Fifth Floor

    The Fifth Floor of St. Mungo's is the stage for Draco and Hermione's secret affair.
  • Caught By Mistletoe

    Harry is up to his old tricks as he watches the Marauder's Map to see what a certain Slytherin gets up to at Hogwarts over the Christmas holidays.
  • Venus Verticordia

    Luna attempts to seduce Draco with interesting scientific facts.
  • Hail the Conquering Hero

    Theo's fascination with Potter started during the second task of the Twi-Wizard Tournament. It survived through the Ministry invasion of Hogwarts, the death of their beloved Headmaster, and the fall of the Dark Lord. They'd won—almost.
  • Play the Game

    Truth or dare gets a little out of hand.
  • The Vampire Covens

    Hermione Granger is co-leader of the Order of the Phoenix. She and Harry hunt the collateral damage left behind by vampires who have a penchant for turning psychopaths and Death Eaters alike to their cause. Everything is going according to plan until Draco Malfoy crashes into the wards of their Headquarters, covered in blood and carrying Harry's bleeding, bitten cousin in tow.
  • Learning to Breathe

    Immediately post-war, Hermione realizes that the wizarding world still thinks she’s less than. They may have defeated Voldemort, but his elitist beliefs still plague Britain. She’s returned to Hogwarts for her eighth year, but memories of the war still haunt her. So, when Draco Malfoy approaches her to apologize for the horrible things he’s done to her since first year, despite not
  • eHarmony

    The five times Harry and Hermione hung out and the one time they went on a date.
  • Fixed Point

    Draco and Hermione are Time Unspeakables who travel through time to stop anachronists from using illegal time travel to change the course of history. There are events in time, events so important that they cannot be altered. Hermione Granger’s tragic life as an Unspeakable is one of those points, and nothing Draco can do will change the path they’re forced to follow.
  • Fourteen Thousand Galleons

    After the War, there is a boom of marriage and divorce. Hermione finds herself among the statistics of war heroes who couldn't save their marriages. When she receives the invoice from her solicitor, she has no choice but to answer an ad in The Daily Prophet: Malfoy Heir Seeking Nanny. Everything is not quite what it seems as Hermione navigates the waters of post-divorce life. TRIAD
  • The Feast of Valentine

    The Feast of Valentine approaches, bringing with it a final opportunity to end High Priest Riddle’s reign of terror. Can Draco and Hermione stop him, or will Riddle and his cult rip their family apart?
  • Fourteen Thousand Galleons Outtakes

    Outtakes from the WIP Fourteen Thousand Galleons. TRIAD/Poly/multi ship - Harry x Hermione x Draco combos
  • Belonging

    Draco is boarding the train to leave Hogwarts for the last time when a mysterious presence finds him alone in his compartment. It’s up to Hermione Granger to save his life — and, perhaps, his soul.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas War (Part 1)

    Pansy, Theo, and Blaise demand an end to Draco and Hermione’s incessant competition after they nearly ruin their monthly game night. When Hermione and Draco agree on one, final competition - winner takes all - the Twelve Days of Christmas War begins.