• The Wolf's Tail

    A Marauders Era long fic. 4 boys grow up in a Golden Age of fun, feasts and friendship. These are their glory days; white Christmases and hazy summers, stretching ahead of them for an eternity, and them the kings of their own magical castle. But outside their walls, their little world is growing more dangerous. Dark wizards are on the move - and, year by year war creeps ever closer

  • A Grim Tale

    4279 days in hell and nothing ever changes. But, on day 4280, a Ministry inspection & a borrowed newspaper turns Sirius's shrunken world upside down. Peter is still alive - & within striking distance of Harry. All these years, believing his godson was safe, have been a lie - & now he must act to protect him. A canon compliant retelling of The Prisoner of Azkaban from Sirius's POV

  • Letters to No One

    Separated after the war, and with no one else left in the world, Sirius & Remus write to each other. Of course, Remus isn't actually allowed to send letters to Azkaban, and Sirius is only writing them in his head. But still they write. Even though each will never know the other thought of them or answered them or still loved them - still they write. For twelve long and lonely years

  • It Wouldn't Be An Adventure Without You

    When Peter sets out to rejoin Voldemort, Sirius is determined to hunt him down & stop him before he gets there. But travelling to Albania alone will be a long, hard slog. So he recruits Remus & together they embark on an epic and perilous journey across Europe to catch Peter, stop Voldemort from rising & prevent another war. But monsters bar their way & Umbridge dogs their steps.

  • Dark Things Are To Be Loved In Secret

    Godric's Hollow 1981: The Potters are dead and Sirius is the first on the scene. Knowing he will be a wanted man, he grabs Harry & flees to Remus, begging him to run away together. But with Dumbledore mobilising against him, Snape hunting him & Peter telling lies about him in The Prophet, it's not long before the whole wizarding world turns against our boys - wolfstar angst ch:38

  • Remus Lupin and The Secret He Could Not Keep

    Marauder era fic. Remus is starting his first year at Hogwarts... but not only does he have to worry about turning up with second hand robes and hand me down spell books, he also has a secret which, if discovered, will see him kicked out of the wizarding world altogether. But his new friends are just so damned inquisitive .. and then there is Snape...