• Royal Secrets

    In order to forge inter house unity, Each student is paired up with another for joint class assignments. Hermione Granger, a smart and beautiful ravenclaw who normally keeps to herself, is pair up with Draco Malfoy, a dark, broody rumored Death Eater. As each of their secrets are divulged to each other would it drag them apart or push them together?
  • Superstar

    Jealous rages between Hermione and Draco as they try to keep their relationship a secret. Inspired by Superstar by Taylor Swift. Icon by @justdramione. One-Shot.
  • What the Fck Just Happened?

    a Drunk encounter with Hermione Granger leaves Draco Malfoy very perplexed.
  • Good Girl

    Hermione heeds Ginnys advice and calls a phone sex line to help her... relax. One-shot. Dramione.
  • Good Girl

    Hermione heeds Ginnys advice and calls a stranger in order to... relax
  • I May Be Stupid, But I‘m Not an Idiot

    Hermione and Draco get under each others skin... somewhat literally