• A Place to call Home

    Voldemort is defeated. He has sacrificed his childhood and teenage to finally beat him. Now all he wants is to love and raise his Godson in peace.
  • A Place to call Home

    The Room of Requirement can be whatever you want it to be
  • Rebirth of the Black

    The House of Black has been left in ruins after the fall of Voldemort. As a fugitive, Sirius Black will do what it takes to get his freedom.
  • The Voice Inside Your Head

    Your subconscious is your navigation. What if Sirius had listened to his and not rushed off to find Peter. Prioritizing Harry's safety, he takes a decision that will change the man Harry becomes. Change the future as we know it
  • PetriChor

    Isn't rain the best time to contemplate life ?
  • Point of View

    In a world full of despair, lost love and betrayal, a dark lord will travel back in time to change the prophecy that dictated his life. AU EWE TimeTravel
  • Basilisk Among Snakes

    How accepting the wisdom of an age-old artefact and trusting the magic within himself, Harry Potter will change the world as we knew it.