• Like Cocoa

    Tonks is helping her friend Remus get a date with another woman. The problem is, Tonks has started to fall in love with him. Will she settle for his friendship, or will she push for more? Ultimate Remadora :)

  • GirlNextFloor

    Remus Lupin is 25 and single. But after he sees a hot girl with pink hair at the pool, he finds he doesn't want to be single anymore. With the help of his crazy gamer roommate Reggie, will Remus be able to win her over? Muggle!AU. Set in the USA. Remus/Tonks, RLNT.

  • The Clock Starts Now

    Join us on this magical ride where James and Lily Potter, Remus Lupin, and Nymphadora Tonks unravel mysteries, experience fun, and learn the true meaning of love. Get ready for a blast with a lot of laughs! A Fun-Filled Fantasia story. Jily, JPLE, Remadora, RLNT. Told through over 50 perspectives, and many other ships included! (Harry/Ginny, Ron/Hermione, etc.) Set during POA.

  • A Quarantine Romance

    Lockdown has hit, so the Order switches to Zoom meetings. Now Remus has a problem. How do you ask someone out during a pandemic? COVID!AU. Remus/Tonks, Remadora, RLNT.

  • Score

    James Potter, the world's most famous soccer player, and Lily Evans, a small-time fashion designer, live in their own worlds with completely different views. When these two worlds cross paths, it's nothing like one would imagine. Let the drama unfold. Jily, JPLE. muggle!AU

  • Mission Accomplished

    James Potter and Lily Evans have both graduated from Hogwarts, never planning to meet each other again. But when a murder happens in Lily's shop, James is the Auror on the job. So voila, their lives join back together as they track down the murderer and learn that there's more to the other than they originally thought. Murder mystery Jily, JPLE, James/Lily.

  • Caught in the Act

    Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny are sneaking out of bed when they hear someone kissing in a room at Grimmauld Place. The question is: who? Remus/Tonks. RLNT.

  • First Door on the Right

    As a result of her extreme sleepiness, Tonks falls asleep in someone else's bed. A certain Remus Lupin's bed, to be exact. RLNT.

  • He's Back

    The easy part was deciding to come back. The hard part is going to be to face his wife. Remus comes back to Tonks after leaving her in DH.

  • Half-Gentleman, Half-Prat

    Through a series of Grimmauld Place shenanigans, Tonks finds herself in a dilemma. Gentleman Remus is endearing, but Prat Remus is dead attractive. Could it be possible that she... fancies him? Remus/Tonks, Remadora, RLNT.

  • Secret Santa

    The Order plays Secret Santa. Craziness and fluffiness. Remus/Tonks, James/Lily, and a total, fun-filled holiday season ahead!

  • The Adventures of the Marauders

    Journey with the Marauders through their seven years at Hogwarts with friendship, secrets, gossip, and FUN!

  • Sprinkle It

    James Potter and Lily Evans are in charge of baking a cake for a wedding. James is being annoying, and Lily is getting annoyed. Fluffy. Bakery!AU. Oneshot. Jily, JPLE, James/Lily

  • To New Beginnings

    Three different adaptations of how Tonks and Remus met. Fluff and fun. Remadora, RLNT.

  • Pink Chickens

    A pregnant Tonks cannot stop laughing when she realizes what her husband is dreaming about. Remus/Tonks, Remadora, RLNT.

  • Prisoners

    Of prisoners of hearts and prisoners of Azkaban. A POA-era Remadora story, in which Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks find themselves drawn to each other in the midst of Sirius Black's escape from Azkaban. Remadora, RLNT, AU. Remus/Tonks.

  • Coffee and a Double Chocolate Muffin

    Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks meet for the first time over coffee and a double chocolate muffin. Coffeeshop!AU. Remadora, RLNT.

  • The Love Life of Nymphadora Tonks

    After Tonks slips to Sirius that she likes someone, the entire Order of the Phoenix is on her case to find out who that 'someone' is, including the 'someone' himself: Remus Lupin. RLNT, Remadora.

  • Warring

    After Dumbledore's tragic death, the grief is too much to bear. But Remus Lupin carries a proposal, along with a glimmer of hope, just for his one and only ray of sunshine, Nymphadora Tonks. RLNT, Remadora.

  • A Tale of Two Smiles

    Join Remus Lupin and Nymphadora Tonks on this rollercoaster ride of emotions, drama, and life-threatening missions. AU, OoTP, Remadora. Thrills, drama, and general fluff.