• Teddy Can't Do Laundry

    Teddy Lupin never learned how to do laundry. There's a reason for this, and it may just ruin his friendship with James forever. Rated T (but mild), and disclaimer: none of these characters are mine. TL/JSP. One-shot!
  • Sick Days

    Remus is distraught that Teddy shows mild symptoms of lycanthropy. Luckily, he has the best little family in the world to help him get through it. AU since Remus survives, just a one-shot. Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine.
  • Lego Bricks

    Arthur Weasley buys legos for every child in his extended family. Lots of children, lots of legos, and lots of disgruntled parents: mayhem ensues. Series of drabbles/one-shots on the aftermath of Arthur's buying decisions, AU since I will occasionally reverse some of JK's DH decisions. Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine. Pairings posted in chapter names.
  • Teddy Lupin and the List

    It's 2020 and groundbreaking werewolf rights legislation is in the works. In order to get it to through, Teddy has to go back in time to 1995 to collect some valuable information from his father. A one-night trip turns a bit more complicated, and Teddy finds himself going deeper undercover than he originally thought. Rated T to play it safe, characters are of course not mine.
  • Lupin Boys Stick Together

    AU (Remus survives as he should have). Teddy Lupin is going to Hogwarts, but he's not leaving without taking his father with him: whether Remus knows it or not. One-shot, let me know what you think (I could expand on it)! Disclaimer: characters are not mine.
  • Potter and Lupin

    James Potter and Teddy Lupin are often up to no good. In this one shot, they attempt to recover a special sort of map, though all does not go according to plan. Might add more later, will just have to see. Disclaimer: these characters are not mine.
  • Remus and the Marauders

    In no particular order, little glimpses into the lives of the Marauders, centered (mostly) around Remus. (mostly) Canon, or at least as much as I can tell. Starting with Remus telling the boys his secret, with serious and humorous chapters yet to come. R&R and Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine. T for some mildly suggestive themes.
  • Sweet, Sweet Sirius Black

    From time to time, Sirius Black could be a sweet boy. But he was really only sweet to one werewolf named Remus Lupin. One-shot, RL/SB. Disclaimer: characters are not mine.
  • Teddy Lupin and the Mirror of Erised

    One shot. AU since the mirror got moved. Teddy can't sleep, and he finds a mirror that shows him his true desires. Lucky for him, his Herbology professor is there to pull him away. Disclaimer: these characters are not mine.
  • Professor Lupin

    Remus avoids taking on the position of Defense Against the Dark Arts Professor; that is, until he fears for Harry's safety. How Prof. Lupin came to be on the Hogwarts Express: insinuated RL/SB but no mature themes. Disclaimer: none of these characters are mine.
  • 19 Years Later

    James saw Teddy and Victoire snogging. But what didn't he see in the background? An alternative take on what that kiss really met. Most of the characters are not mine, rated T for mildly adult themes. Might leave as a one-shot, might continue, who knows!
  • Page 394

    What if Professor Lupin "got" to teach his third-year students about werewolves? Just a short bit on a class gone more right. Disclaimer: characters are not mine.
  • Welcome to the 21st Century, Remus

    James Potter the first loses his watch, and Remus finds a time turner: which lands him in 2015. But a few days with Teddy couldn't hurt him...right? Rated T for some mild nonsense, insinuating past RL/SB. Never done time travel before so can't promise any accuracy. Characters are NOT mine.
  • Love and Confidence

    Remus had been given the task of curtailing his friend's new drinking habit; Sirius had been given the task of convincing his friend that he loved Tonks. Turns out, you need one task to complete the other. None of these characters are mine, rated T for safety. Takes place right before OoTP.
  • Thoroughly Impressed

    Remus Lupin meets Nymphadora Tonks for the first time. What will she think of him when she finds out what he is? What will Sirius say? And why is he trying so hard to impress a woman he's never met? Takes place before Harry's 5th year, no characters are mine. T, but very mild.
  • An Unexpected Visitor

    In which Lyall surprises his son with a stray dog and an amicable breakup occurs 13 years later than it should've. A one-shot centered around Remus figuring out his life after teaching at Hogwarts. RL/SB and then some mention of RL/NT. None of the characters are mine, only mildly suggestive (T).
  • Happy Birthday, Remus Lupin

    In honor of his birthday, a series of three short stories involving Teddy saying 'happy birthday' at the cemetery. Most of these characters are NOT mine.
  • Green Beans

    Sirius officially ruins green beans for the Lupin clan as he and Remus come out. M just for safety, and none of these characters are mine.
  • Meeting Messr Lupin

    Teddy Lupin stays with his grandfather the summer before 5th year. He wants his father, BUT feels at the same time that he has to be like Remus. Lyall wants his son AND to be as Remus-like as he can be for his grandson's sake. They realize neither of them will ever be Remus, nor do they need to be him for the Lupin boys to get along. Currently T, characters not mine (belong to JK
  • The Heart Wants What it Wants

    Remus has a crush on Sirius. In turn, Sirius has a crush on Remus. Only James knows and wants to help, but that doesn't mean it's going to be easy. A quick little story on how they two Marauders got together: SB/RL (duh) but nothing terribly suggestive. Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine. Takes place in 1974.