• Can I Help You?

    Izzie has been off the radar from the two leading men of the Marauders since they started school, but after five years at Hogwarts they finally took notice. And they discover more than they thought possible, not only about her but about their friends and family too.

  • A Marauder's Daughter

    When a four-year-old girl with black wavy hair appeared alone on Remus's doorstep, he takes drastic actions. After four years in Beauxbatons, Remus had the opportunity to teach at Hogwarts, and they moved back to England. How will Alec fit in in the new school, what will happen with Sirius Black, the escaped prisoner on a hunt for Harry, which also happens to be her birth father?

  • Chasing Love

    This is a follow up story of The Tale of Guinevere. That's my mum if you were wondering. This is a story about me, CJ, chasing love of my own. Love comes in all different shapes, sizes and colours. I'm here to show you mine. This is about love between family, friends and more. About finding myself with it and without it.

  • The Tale of Guinevere

    I, Guinevere Northon or you can call me Gwen, am starting my sixth year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. And this year things will be very different, especially when my best friend Cedric Diggory is chosen as the Hogwarts champion. Seventeen is confusing for any girl especially when boys, love and friendships are thrown into the mix.

  • An Organized Mess

    Harry felt like the colours around him seemed dull and bleak after the war ended. He was just going through the motions, the only thing that kept him going was Teddy. That was at least until Arthur Weasley's confused colleague stumbled into the Burrow. This is going to be about 16 chapters. :-)

  • Hermione Granger & The One Where She Started Early - YEAR TWO

    Year two has arrived! Hermione will be starting her second year soon together with her friends. How will she balance her year with her friends and schoolwork. Will she become friends with Harry and Ron since they are a year below her? House elves, quidditch, snakes, potions and more are coming her way!

  • Visus Mortuus

    Why could Leah Derijker, a muggle, suddenly see the ghost of one Fred Weasley? 21-year-old Leah, a game developer in the muggle world met the ghost Fred Weasley, a fallen hero from a wizarding world, she never even knew about. Why was she the only one that could see him, talk to him. What is the link to this man she never met before. Her life is thrown upside down from the v

  • Hermione Granger & The One Where She Started Early

    Professor McGonagall looked after Hermione Granger for the age of five after her first outburst of magic. When she sees her crying on her tenth birthday, she takes a drastic action. How different will Hermione's life be if she started Hogwarts a year early? Who will be her friends, enemies, love interests?   This will be a multi chapter story, starting with year one!

  • An Ice Rink

    Hermione stood stunned in the doorway as she looked at her newly decorated office. She was only gone for thirty minutes. The thing that caught her eyes was a small ice rink with little figures that moved around on her desk. And in an instant, she knew who had broken into her office. Written for Fremione Fanatics 2021 Yule Fest on AO3, fb group: Fremione Fanatics

  • Dancing Flames

    Fred Weasley was heading down the stairs of the boys' dormitory on his way to a Christmas party at the Hufflepuff common room, when he saw a familiar bushy haired girl in front of the fireplace...

  • When The Leaves Fall

    Fred's been in a coma for almost six months; George and Hermione have been by his side since the day one. With Halloween coming closer, one of his favourite holidays, will he be able to attend? Written for: Falling for Fremione: Fremione Fanatics 2021 Fall Fest, on AO3

  • Pumpkin Carving

    It's Hermione's favourite time of the year; Autumn! And of course, she wanted to introduce the twins to her annual muggle tradition, she used to do with her parents: pumpkin carving! Written for: Fallen For Fremione Flash Fest on AO3

  • I'll do anything

    Hermione was broken after Fred died. She and George were looked away for everyone in the flat. George was confined in Fred's old room, he hasn't been out since the end of the war. Hermione knew that she needed to fix it, needed to fix her family because that is what the Weasley's were, family. She would search, travel, go to the limits to find a way to get Fred back. To find her wa

  • The Pitch

    Hermione just needed a quiet place to study. When the library was invaded by Krum's groupies she went out to find a new place were she could study in peace. She ended up finding a place no one would think to look for her.

  • Dragons, Weasley's and a Healer

    Fred and Hermione have been friends for years but one night changed everything.. What will happen when Hermione is offered a job in Romania?

  • Battle Wounds & A Favor

    A favor, a twin and a wedding. How will everything go when Hermione asks George for a favor but he isn't available and Fred volunteers. The man she doesn't really know.. he's just the twin of her best friend.

  • Amici In Perpetuum

    Fred died at the battle of Hogwarts. And Hermione went to the great hall to say goodbye to him, to the man she never really knew. But then everything changed when she reached over and touched his hand.

  • Our sixth year

    This is a story about Draco and Hermione while still in Hogwarts in their sixth year. Some plots are different from the books. You will see when you read on.