• Bagsy Beetlehorn and the Vampire Affairs (Book 4)

    When a shady acting troupe casts for their production of Vampire Affairs, something more is afoot. But with mounting evidence that Bagsy has The Sight, growing reconciliation between Greenda and Emmeline, torturous private lessons from Professor Starrett and Mezrielda's defeatism, by the time someone notices, it may be too late. 4th of 7 book sequel series to HP Reviews welcome :)

  • Bagsy Beetlehorn and the Inferno Conscription

    Bagsy's third year of Hogwarts is set to be anything but peaceful. With quidditch matches, helping Mezrielda become an Animagus, repaying Tod's favour, being unable to contact her sister, something lurking in the lake and the threat of the Ministry's insidious 'Inferno Conscription' stealing two of her friends away, relaxation are the last things on Bagsy's list of priorities.

  • Bagsy Beetlehorn and the Corvid Trials (Book 2)

    If Bagsy thought her problems ended at the start of her second year at Hogwarts, she was gravely mistaken. Between her closest friend being framed for theft, worms spelling ominous warnings in the mud and the dangerous allure of the Corvid Trials, a test that could finally grant Bagsy the ability to cast spells, her second year is shaping up to be even more hectic than the first...

  • Bagsy Beetlehorn and the Thorned Gauntlet

    Bagsy Beetlehorn would rather stay in her room, fiddling with her inventions and messing about with potions, but if she wants to overcome her worrying inability to cast spells, she'll have to attend Hogwarts, even if that means embarking on a life-threatening quest for a wish-granting gauntlet or, worse, interacting with human beings. 1st of 7 book, all original sequel series to HP